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Chris Brown Shows Off New Head Tat Epitomizing His Bad-Boy Image


Chris Brown Goes The Neon Carnival at CoachellaChris Brown says, “I do what the f**k I want!” In an industry where rock star tendencies and careless motives are glorified, it comes to no surprise that our most relevant popstar turned rock star would pronounce a daring task of his own. Chris Brown took to social media to continue his bad boy image and show off his newest ink—an animal that appears to be a bull and a religious female figure? We aren’t 100 percent sure what the tattoo is, but it is located on a very bold part of his body—the back of his head. Our favorite r&b golden child decided to permanently tattoo a mural on the back of his multimillion dollar skull posted along with a bunch of “IDFWU” hashtags—#rockstar, #500, #onehellofanight.

When you are thee Chris Breezy, friends say things like, “Dude, you’re Chris Brown, just do it, but imagine what this replicated fatal animal is going to look like in 40 years. Although he is rich and he would have to truly ruin his life to run out of the bankrolls that he’s prancing on, this is a path that you cannot turn back from. We aren’t opposed to this artwork at all, we just hope his grandchildren think he’s as cool as his fans think he is. RIP to the back of CB’s dome.

Photo Credit(s): CB’s Instagram, Getty

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