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Cincinnati Officer Indicted For The Murder Of Samuel Dubose [Video]



Cincinnati college police officer, Ray Tensing was indicted today (July 29) for the murder of Ohio citizen Samuel Dubose. Samuel Dubose was around the corner from his Ohio home when he was pulled over by Officer Tensing and asked to show his license. Caught on video from the officers’ body camera, it shows Tensing asking for Dubose’s credentials. Shortly after asking Dubose to step out of the car and grabbing the door, Tensing openly fires his gun shooting Dubose in the head. In the video it is clear that Dubose did not use force, nor was he a threat to the police officer. Tensing released a statement claiming that he only shot Dubose after he was attacked by him.

The following footage is quite disturbing and graphic, but it does show the truth of what really happened that day. It’s sad to say that in 2015, we are still facing racially-driven murders of innocent bystanders. Our support and prayers go out to the Dubose family at this time.

Photo Credit(s): NBC

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