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Closet Detox 101: Extreme Winter Cleaning For The Fashion Hoarder

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The holidays are around the corner and you want to start making room for the new sweaters and boots you are sure to get uWoman sitting on sofa, trying on shoes : Stock Photounder the tree, so you’re ready to tackle the mess that’s in your closet. We get it, but more than that, it’s important that ever so often, you perform a detox. A closet detox is simply breathing new life into your wardrobe by taking stock of what you have and getting rid of what no longer suits you, so that you can shamelessly add items that reinvigorate your style.

This is especially important for dressing for the season in the cooler months. But like any other detox, it takes a game plan. Logically, you want to stow away the ‘dukes and pull the leggings to the front. Now what? Well, you can start by sifting through your closet item by item. Make piles for clothes that need to be stored until summer/spring, and make “hate it”, and “love it” piles too.

sort If you’re like us, you may end up with miscellaneous piles of clothing that you can sort of not fit anymore, and others that you can’t decide if you like or not. This is normal. For the pieces that you may have physically outgrown, donate them to your nearest shelter. For the pieces that you know have clearly outworn their welcome (like those Pink joggers with the holes in them) you can trash.

 But not so fast, before you go tossing all your old t-shirts and blazers, consider  keeping some of the wayward pieces you’re currently not inspired by (like the houndstooth pashmina) tucked away, because fashion experts suggest that repurposing these items in your wardrobe can lead to fresh outfit ideas down the line.

We like the flow chart that Berlinese fashion blogger, Anuschka of Into Mind created. Once you’ve gotten down to the last few pieces that you just cannot figure out what to do with, we suggest using her chart. It can be time consuming so this should be reserved for 5-10 pieces that would be worth keeping.

into mind cheat sheet

Once you’ve narrowed down the pieces you’re keeping, feel free to replenish with 3-5 key items at a time that speak to your signature style. Blending the old and the new can make getting ready fun again and most importantly, keep your closet free of unnecessary clutter.


Photo credit(s): Getty Images, Anuschka of Into Mind, Mary Lou of ColorInsight


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