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Coachella May Be Heading To New York City



After attending several music festivals on the east and west coast, I realized that there is not one event that compares to Coachella. I thought to myself, to live in one of the most famous city’s in the world, why doesn’t New York City have its own Coachella or something similar to it. I mean we have the Governors Ball but that doesn’t compare to the excitement of attending Coachella.

Well, thanks to the success of the Governors Ball in the previous years, New York City is now becoming more attracted to concert promoters. The beloved city has caught the eye of Coachella’s organizers, AEG. According to the New York Daily News, AEG Live, the organizers behind Coachella appear to be looking to bring a new fest to Queens’ Flushing Meadows Park.

The inaugural event is tentatively called Panorama, and it would take place as early as next June, two weeks after Governors Ball. It’s allegedly already booking headliners. As you would imagine, the organizers for the Governors Ball, Founders Entertainment, aren’t that excited about it.

“The timing of this corporate-run festival would threaten our ability as a small business to continue putting on the kind of event that has showcased the best artists, created hundreds of local jobs and put millions of dollars back into the city’s economy,” Tom Russell of Founders Entertainment told the News.

This isn’t the first time AEG has tried to break into the east coast market of music festivals. In 2008, they held All Points West in Liberty State Park, New Jersey, sadly the festival only lasted for two years.

Well let’s hope when Coachella comes to the Big Apple it stays and doesn’t cause any controversy.

Photo Credit(s): Pitchfork, LATimes

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