Cosmetics Brand Boss-Lady Tanisha Lawrence Talks LAW Beauty Essentials


You can’t knock the hustle.

Young, beautiful and vibrant Brooklyn, NY based entrepreneur Tanisha Naomi Lawrence of eco-friendly cosmetics brand LAW Beauty Essentials is certainly no stranger to hardwork at all.  Between traveling around the world, family time, and work, there is nothing stopping her moves.  Much like us PYNK Girls, she knows any good thing takes a strong backbone, time, effort & a fabulous team to bring the dream to life.

And because I know way too many women who can’t step foot outside their doors with chipped nail polish on, running to the nail spa without an appointment, having to sit in someone else’s seat because your best girl is already dealing with a customer, and you don’t have time to wait because you are too busy trying to get to the office; risking your perfectly well-manicured hands with a complete stranger just for that pristine polished look.

We had to sit down with this Brooklyn gem, owner of the vegan friendly and 5 free nail polish company LAW Beauty Essentials (LBE), Tanisha Lawrence who had a lot to share on starting up her own cosmetics line.  A color for every season, a color for any reason.  Grateful for her tight-knit family network and innate beauty, fashion & business smarts passed down through DNA, she credits her ability to follow her dreams to her home team.



Tanisha Naomi Lawrence (Owner)

Tell us about you Tanisha Lawrence, who you are and who you hope to be?

I was born and raised in Brooklyn New York but both my parents are from Jamaica. . I grew up in a very family orientated home; I have two older sisters and one younger brother. My two older sisters has always been beauty gurus and great sellers, they are my backbone. I’ve always had an interest in watching them work, and I’ve learned some of my best beauty tips from them. My mother is a young spirited fashionista, looking at old photos of her, I see where I got my style. She always encourages me to do what makes me happy. My father was a well-known entrepreneur; a car salesman and a restaurant owner; that’s where I get my entrepreneurial passion from.

Following my dreams of owning my own cosmetic line was easy with that support system. My goal is to incorporate all that I’ve learned from all aspects of my life; past jobs, current job and family influence to make me a better person and to transmit all this wonderful energy and knowledge into my business. I want to support others chasing their dreams and one day be a mentor for someone who’s in need of guidance. 


How far back can you remember being into beauty, fashion or anything related to? Who are your inspirations and why? 

I’ve been doing manicure’s since the age of six but it was not until high school when I started playing with make-up. I remember Jergens had a glow body lotion, it made you look bronze. I was testing it out to see how far I could go with make-up and I put it on my face, waiting to hear response from my mom but she didn’t comment. I began wearing it every weekend and that I will say was my real introduction to the beauty industry. From there in the later years it went to actual foundation, eye liner and lip gloss. 

Because I’m very inspired by music and beauty I must say Janet Jackson inspires me. She’s beautiful, talented, and a Taurus like me! 


Can you talk about when you launched your company? 

A lot of googling happened before I actually launched. I would put in the search bar very generic, broad searches such as “how to start your own cosmetics line”. Now the key to googling and actually getting the answers you want is to be very specific in what you’re asking. Ask in broad questions help you narrow down and gain keywords to trigger results. Then you can use the key terms you’ve found to word the question correctly and get the best results. After the web searching I begin sending out emails and making phone calls to different manufacturers. I always end every conversation with getting another referral or advice. When I finally found my manufacturer he asked me “how did you find me I don’t advertise” it was then I realize I was about to take the next step that would lead me to where I am today. Foot work completed. 



In your words, tell us about your brand?

Law beauty essentials is my contemporary line of nail polish. Stylish, informative, and personable. A feel good brand. At LAW Beauty Essentials, we are committed to staying in tuned with the rapidly growing nail industry which is why our innovated formula is vegan friendly and 5 free. Our polishes are highly pigmented and long lasting. Packaging is ultra-chic, and our shades are trendy yet classic. LAW Beauty Essentials goal is to be inclusive while still maintaining exclusivity and luxury.  Each name plays on moods and why you should choose that particular color. How are you feeling? Need a glass of wine? Try “2PM Wine”.




When you say “Eco-friendly” what do you mean by that?

We are aware people are increasingly concerned about the safety of their beauty products, any product – really. We pride ourselves on our dedication to bring something fresh to the community. It’s very hard to be well rounded in all the goals you want to achieve, most people want to be well educated, health conscious, well-traveled etc.  

When I think of eco- friendly in regards to LAW Beauty Essentials, I think of the changes throughout history for the production of nail polish.  Staying up to date and finding ways to improve continually is one of our main priorities; many major brands use harmful ingredients to sustain a higher quality of nail polish.

Here at LAW Beauty Essentials, we are determined to meet these same expectations while still using clean and new formulas. These objectives can still be achieved without using the 5 cancerous ingredients: formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, toluene, formaldehyde resin, and camphor and without testing on animals. No need to sacrifice quality or performance, we use alternative healthier ingredients to ensure the same quality products customers desire.


hjhjhjhjhhWhat are your hopes in this 2017 for the brand and more?

My hope for the brand in 2017 is to expand my network and catalog. My audience is continuously growing and I would like to make the polishes more easily accessible by collaborating with a variety of retailers.  I eventually want to produce infused: base coats, top coats and nail treatments. I’m interested in nail tools, but I’m not sure if I’ll go past hand lotion. As of now I haven’t plan to venture off into makeup. I’m not opposed to it, rather, nail care is just my focus. New colors will be released in 2017 and you may see sets of either full size bottles or minis. 


What inspires you every day?

I get inspiration from a lot of different things. Colors, textures, scenery and music inspires me the most. I’m very detailed oriented and when I’m shopping I get inspired by pieces. I start imagining settings in that outfit. Same for nail polish. I’m happy when my nails are done. I feel like I’m in a candid photo shoot and my manicure is freshly done, I pick up a tea cup in Marshalls and there you have it: the money shot! One thought leads to another and I could have filmed a short film in just 1 min of looking at a bottle of nail polish. This is also how I come up with the names of each polish. I stare at the color and whatever feeling I get from it, a name is created.


Your best beauty tip to live by? And why?
Drink water! Cliché but it’s very true. Add lemon for the “glow”.


What’s your definition of a {PYNK} Power Woman?

My definition is…  a person who takes a leap of faith to follow their dreams. Someone who is faithful to their vision and puts forth the work at it until it’s to their perfection. Someone who takes knowledge from every mistake and uses to better themselves. A {PYNK} power woman sets goals, doesn’t give up, and supports others.




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