Courtney Rashon Drops New Book, Details What It Takes To Be An Entrepreneur




By Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson

Beauty Expert, Celebrity Makeup Artist, and Television Personality Courtney Rashon can now add another feather to her cap: Author!

With the release of her first book, “Giving Face,” which is published by Cosby Media Productions in Atlanta, Georgia, the book dials in on a myriad of topics including, makeup application and how to look the part. Each chapter of the book offers detailed instructions on make up applications, techniques, grooming as well as tips and suggestions on what are and aren’t appropriate looks for specific occasions  “It’s all about achieving your best beauty and grooming looks for any occasion,” she told Pynk by phone.

“I also discuss luxury beauty items and treatments as well as spa reviews from my own personal experiences.”

Pynk Magazine recently caught up with Rashon and talked makeup tips, fashion and more. 

Pynk Mag (PM): Why should someone invest in buying your book?

Courtney Rashon (CR): For starters, my book is unique and unlike any other makeup books on the market. I not only discuss makeup applications and instruction, I give a full overview of what makeup, and beauty and grooming should be like in any given situation. My book contains information that applies men and women regarding beauty, hygiene and grooming for every situation imaginable. Giving Face, is all about makeup and beauty etiquette.

PM: You recently had a billboard in Manhattan. Tell us more about it.

CR: That was a really cool thing. I never imagined that I would have a digital image of myself and my book cover featured in Times Square. It was there for about five days courtesy of PR Newswire. It was dope!

PM: How do you balance all of the hats that you wear as a published author, TV host and beauty expert and CEO of #prettygirlgangcosmetics?

CR: I have a pretty tight schedule and I try to balance everything accordingly. My week is usually planned ahead of time so I have a set amount of hours per day to deal with all each of the components that make up Courtney Rashon Industries, LLC. For the most part, I always know what’s going on, so this makes it a lot easier to balance everything out.

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