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DIY BEAUTY: Self-Taught Makeup Artist Creates a Trend That Goes Viral

Makeup is truly an art form.

We have have encountered the wavy brows– that was interesting. Then there was the braided brows– that left us tilting our heads in awe.

While many people have chosen to keep our looks to the norm, there are makeup artists that dare to be different and chose to share their artistic expression for the love, the fun, and the inspiration of it all.

Amerie Proctor is one of those artists that loves to be unique and serves us many creative ideas that would be perfect for the runway. The 21-year-old, self-taught, makeup artist got our attention after she received a huge following for creating the adorable Bliss makeup. If you’re not familiar with Bliss, let us fill you in: She is the latest addition to the Power Puff Girls and she is a Sistah!

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Recently, Amarie struck gold once again with a look she created of her own genius, #holofreckles. “I can’t directly say what made me come up with the idea, but it just fell right into my lap,” she tells Pynk Exclusively. “After going viral from the whole Black Power Puff Girl thing, I just sat down and said, ‘I cannot let that consume my career, I can do more’, and then boom, out of nowhere the idea hit me.”

After she checked online and many social media pages, she realized that no one else had created the looks and she began to work on her face.

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Receiving only positive comments on her #holofreckles, Amarie was happy with the responses and hopes to inspire others. “The responses for the look were all positive, and I was super happy about that,” she shares. “A lot of people automatically assume it was going to be the “next trend” and a “game changer” because they had also never seen it done before.”

Here is how Amarie achieved the look:

  1. Use NYX’s glitter glue and dot it all over the part of the face you want it to have #holofreckles.
  2. Used glitter from Bulk Glitters in the color Star Struck Silver, and place dots over the spots where you placed the glue.

“What I like most about doing this is that if you don’t like where a freckle is placed, you can easily take your finger and wipe off the #holofreckle,” Amerie informs us.

As far as doing it again? “I would most definitely do it again, no hesitation. I hope that I have inspired others to do so too!

Be sure to check out more of Amerie’s makeup surprises by visiting her Instagram: @amarieproctor

Do you think this will be the makeup trend of 2018?

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