Don’t Call It a Comeback: Electrik Red is Still Showing Us “How to be a Lady” [Part 2]



In this part 2 of my conversation with Electrik Red, we discuss their thoughts on going independent, the concept of the album, mantras, their favorites from the album, on if they feel they’ve received the credit they deserve, and how to embrace your sexy.  Check it out below:

PYNK: So, have you guys ever thought about going independent? Speaking of everything these days because that’s what everybody’s doing and clearly you all have a fan base, and it sounds like it’s still a possibility. Because you guys love each other and like you say you never left. So, you ever thought about going independent and just starting over? And pushing it yourself? You know?

Binkie: I think that we don’t discount any of the possibilities. I think it’s a possibility. There’s
always room for that. I think coin always helps assist in that. You know what I mean? It’s
your scheduling … So perhaps if we had a block of time where all four of us are in the same spot at the same time, I think that that would be easily facilitated.  But as you know getting all four of us in the same spot at the same time in the same place
sometimes doesn’t happen as often as we’d like.

Sarah: And this is Sarah speaking, if I may say, we all started from the bottom now we’re here, but
we know when it’s safe to be successful at something in our own right whether it’s acting
or TV appearances (Binkie), or performing on world tours with Puff Daddy (Lesley), or
being a super model in a baby phat fashion show (Naomi), or you know …

Naomi: Or dancing on the pole with Brock Simon, the King of Diamonds, Sarah … You know?

Sarah: Never did that, never did that. My daughter’s listening don’t give her false ideas. But …

Naomi: That was fake news, I’m sorry.  In all seriousness actually.

Sarah: We all know what it would take for us to be successful because … we worked our asses off,
we made a lot of sacrifices to get as far as we did. And you know, the possibility is there
what Lesley said, everything costs money and we shall see.


PYNK: Yeah, boy do I know about the cost of money. I understand. What was the concept of the first album in your own words? Cause to me it’s still one of the greatest to this day from top to the bottom. I could listen to every track and not turn one. What was the concept?  When I ask people about Electrik Red, I’m like … Cause I was talking about recently I’m like, Electrik Red. I remember this one person was like, “No, I don’t know.” And I’m like, “Pull them up right now, you have to listen to it. It’s essential to your being, but have to listen to these ladies. It’s essential to being a human being, okay?” So, what was like the concept of it.

Binkie: We’re going to send you a check for that extra. Selling figures. This is Binkie. I think that
the album title was it in its entirety. I think that was really it a good juxtaposition of being, you know calling the album, ‘How to be a Lady,’ and then pushing the boundaries on what being a lady meant to us, you know I think that was it. It was like, being a lady doesn’t necessarily just mean demure and quiet. It’s like all of our favorite girls pushed
boundaries, spoke their mind, stood up for things, was a bit naughty, was a bit sexy, was a
bit raunchy, but still at the core when you met us and talk to us and got to see, there’s
layers to us and I think that’s what the album represented, you know what I mean?
In its entirety, how to be a lady. And I think we named it that because we felt like there was
longevity in that title and there could potentially be a second volume, and a third, and
Christmas. How to be a lady at Christmas. And they’re like they have a whole lot,
but we just didn’t get there. But you know, I think that’s the purpose of naming the album what we did.

Naomi: This is Naomi, but there was an IGF for the gospel, you know, Electrik Red saddles up
with Jesus. I mean, it could have gone in many direction. I’m not a talker.

PYNK: What was some of y’alls personal favorites from the album?

Sarah: Just depends on my mood. Just depends on my mood for the day.

Naomi: Yeah. Devotion always feels good. 9 to 5. Those two are two of some of my favorites.

Lesley: I don’t know why but I’m an R&B Thug. I like R&B stuff like Go Shorty and … It just depends like, if you need to get turned up then I like Talk that Slick Shit Binkie’s record, “On point.” Working out is definitely on my work out or We Fuck You on your way to the club with the girls. Or if you want to get down and dirty with your boo, Bump and Grind.

Sarah: Oh my God.

Lesley: Do some love making.

Sarah: There’s a little bit of everything in there.

PYNK: That’s funny. So, do you guys feel like you really didn’t get the credit you deserved as a girl group? Like at that time, do you feel like you really didn’t get the credit. Not that you were underrated but that you could have gotten more credit that what you actually did

Naomi: This is Naomi. I think I understand what you’re saying. It’s Naomi. The reality is, when
you’re climbing the mountain we were climbing to get to the top, it’s a hustle, it’s a grind.
We were constantly in the position and you are when you do this with your life. You’re in
a position where people are always making judgements and everyone is a critic. So you
have to keep pushing forward with being as amazing artists, and amazing entertainers,
and amazing personalities. You have to just keep fighting the good fight until you get
there, and when you get there you got to stay there so I don’t know that we were
underrated. I think we could have been given a bigger platform. We were given a lot, but
I guess money was spent in different directions. There were a lot of music videos that
were made and that could have been another tour budget. You know there’s ways that we
could have been sort of put out there in a more constructive way where we could have
been seen and it could have hit more than it did.
I don’t think that we didn’t get credit. I think that people that bought the album and bought it to us
loved it, and we feel validated by those people every day really. But I think that if
decisions were made a little differently and that boils down to what the girls were saying
about Shakir Stewart being here. I think if we had sort of a better leader then it could
have been bigger than it was, and it would have been. I definitely don’t think we’re
lacking in credit, we could have used a few other platforms to hit the mark.

Electrik Red: Agree!

Binkie: But then you know, for like a good five years after it all went down, I definitely felt like
Kanye. Like, “Fine! You mother fuckers don’t get. You gonna be mad.” No, I never really
sad it out loud, but in my mind you’re always … And then we would see things that
clearly did, and people like jacked us like hard core. Like, some of your … We were
actually your favorites favorite. It’s kind of like that’s what it was, and we got jacked and
we were like, aw, look guys, we’re back to the future. The kids are going into the hot tub
time machine and pulling up some shit that we did a hundred years ago, but before our
time. I know, before our time. It was a definitely a little Yeezy syndrome happening for a
couple of years. That was me, I don’t know about anybody else.

PYNK: That’s funny.

Binkie: Oh my gosh.


PYNK: Oh wow. So, of course you all are known for being provocative, saying what’s on your mind, being honest and you know, anything that I can think in that category, but so often there’s so many women that feel like they have to be silenced or they can’t say this or they can’t say that or they have to back down or you know, they feel like their light should be dimmed because they are a woman. What would you say to that woman because to me, that album like you said, said everything exactly how to be a lady. And it was so many layers to it and it showed to be confident and comfortable if your sexuality. What would you say to that woman? Who feels like she can’t be, or she doesn’t know how to be, or is afraid to be outspoken or to say what’s on her mind or … What would you say to her?

Binkie: Okay, this is Binkie again. I’ll start it and I’m sure everyone will jump in. I think seeing a
woman run for the presidency and almost win, there has to be something really cool about being a woman in this time. You know what I mean?  And I think our music kind of foresaw that. That changing of the guards if you will. Like the
future was definitely female and I think we felt it and we saw it and we just translated it
our the way. You know, there’s some really badass women that are kind of … just doing
really great things. Michelle Obama. Beyond black magic, just female magic altogether.
Just a really great time to be a woman and just, you know, be colorful and amazing and
interesting and no hold barred. You know, I just feel like our music was a catalyst. Or not
even a catalyst, but forecasting the future if you will and you know, it just kind of, you
know, it feels good to be a woman now. I would tell that woman, “Go on, girl.  Go on girlfriend. Be you.  Shake your titties off Tuesday, you know, how to be a lady.”

Naomi: Well, said Bink.

Binkie: I’m going in.

Lesley: What is that expression about loud women or quiet women?

Binkie: Quiet women rarely made history, seldom make history.


Lesley: That was one of the mantras we used. It was in our album cover.

Binkie: Yep.

Sarah: We had all kinds of cool things. That was something we did purposely if you look at the
album cover, like if you had the actual copy of it, there’s like pictures of us as kids. You
know, there’s quotes there’s a collage. There’s all kinds of amazing pushing of the
boundaries and things that make up being a well-rounded woman, because that’s what
we’re seeing today too is kind of like women are being portrayed a little one sided. That’s
the other bad thing about social media. You get to dictate how people see you as opposed
to just obviously living in your truth.
But, I want to get to deep, but you know …

PYNK: Yeah. Go ahead, get deep, girl. Get deep, it’s okay. Preach.

Sarah: Totally get up, you know? I don’t know that’s all I’ve got. I’m embarrassed now.

PYNK: That’s funny. Anybody else or … on that?

Lesley: Find your inner fucking bitch. Like, I think we … The reason why we used the picture of us
as little girls is always because for some reason had this confidence or this fire in us, and
we knew we were going to be a force to be reckoned with. So, I feel like my advice to women out there would be don’t second guess yourself, always go with your instinct and don’t try to dim your own light or you know, it could be 6 o’clock in the morning and if you feel like putting on a red lip, put on a red lip, and be that bitch for the day. It’s fine.
Don’t be apologetic for shining. I think there’s some freedom and it’s really an awesome place and
you can be a woman and you can just be that and shine.

Naomi: To piggy back on that I want to say, this is Naomi. I was going through some kind of a
break up a little while back and in order to sort of make it through and endure the roller
coaster that you’re usually on when you’re breaking up with someone. I wore red lips
everywhere. It’s 21 day cleanse. Yes, the red lips, and I have to say there was a lot of red
wine involved. I have to say. A lot of drinking involved and going to meetings sometimes, but the point is that you know, Lesley nailed it. You know, you have to try your best to cultivate your inner confidence.  Sort of a happy place, you know if you can’t find it on your own, find friends or movies
or people or music to help you go there.

Lesley: Yep, amen, praise Jesus. Preach.

PYNK: Amen.

Lesley: A set of girlfriends always is essential because they’ll never let you fall by the wayside or have you looking crazy.

PYNK: Yeah.

Lesley: And we need that.

PHOTO CREDIT(S): IG, D.L. Warfield, Mike Quain

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