Don’t Call It a Comeback: Electrik Red Plays a Fun and Sexy Game of ‘This or That’ [Part 3]



PYNK: I told y’all I want to play a little game. Make it a little fun. I call it a vicious game of this or that. So, there’s some sexual questions and then it’s kind of like maybe just some not sexual questions. Y’all down? Okay, all right. So, quickie or long lasting?

Naomi: Is there a series of quickies or …

Lesley: Okay, I’m going to say Lesley’s response, and I need to put a little explanation to it. I’m going to say quickie, because when it’s a quickie
there’s probably some other naughty variables involved in it where you have to kind you
know, you don’t want to get caught or it’s spontaneous. So, it need to get done and those
tend to be the hot steamy moments. So, I’m going to with quickie.

Naomi: This is Naomi and I second that. Ain’t nobody trying to be there all day like that. Nobody
got time for that.

Binkie: See and I’m going to oppose what the girls were saying, I’m going to go with the all day
long. I’m going to do the roll around. I’m going to do you know, and then quickly start
again and then …

Naomi: Do tell.

Binkie: Quickly finish and then start again.

Naomi: Do tell, do tell.

Binkie: The kids that I mess with would kill me if I was playing those games all day.

Naomi: That’s not, that’s not … That doesn’t start Binkie you don’t get to start again. It’s a four
hour marathon on each other or …

Binkie: I don’t know.

Naomi: Like stabbing cabin.

Binkie: I like a little stabbin’ cabin I do.

Lesley: What? What is that?

Naomi: It’s a reggae song.

Binkie: It’s an old reggae song.

Lesley: Stabbin cabin?

Naomi: Stabbin’ cabin like a cabin like a little in the woods like a cabin.

Lesley: Yes.

Naomi: Google it, It’s a good time. Sarah, what’s your response?

Sarah: I’m just gonna, my daughter heard the question, so we’re just going to go with both. Um,
both. Aka sometimes I drink and sometimes I smoke.

Naomi: Got it. Love it.

PYNK: Yes, got it.

Naomi: Good answer girl, really good answer.

“Always remember where you came from and never forget those red pumps on the way to where you’re going.” -Electrik Red

PYNK: That was. That’s funny. Okay, so talking dirty or just silence, quiet, no …

Naomi: Oh yeah, I’m going to need you to talk dirty.

Sarah: Yeah talk dirty all day.

Lesley: Talk dirty to me … Jodeci.

Naomi: We’re both talking dirty?

Lesley: Oh, I was going for Come and Talk to Me, Jodeci. I was so close.

Naomi: Our R&B thug, you should get that mixtaped. If you all get “that it’s the coolest chick
in there.”


PYNK: So, S&M or passion. Do y’all like a little S&M or like just passionate?

Sarah: Oh.

Lesley: This is Lesley. I’m going to go with passion because I can get cocky and I
don’t know if some of my friends have gotten hurt sometimes and I don’t want to take the
risk. So, I think I’m going to just go with passionate. That’s what I’m going with.

Naomi: Wait, what were the options again?

Lesley: Oh, girl.

PYNK: Passionate or S&M?

Naomi: Oh, no, no, no, passionate.  I don’t play me that all day sex.  I don’t play that H&M sex, what that is.  I don’t do H&M , I don’t play it.  I don’t shop at H&M.  I’m not in the minors, I’m in the big leagues with the heavy hitters.  I’m not playing all day.  You’re not whipping me and calling me all kinds of names.  All kinds of places, I got things to do.  Leaving marks on me, you must be crazy.  Cussing me out, make me feel cold, you’re not calling me the next day.  No, no ma’am.  I’m not doing no nasty.

Binkie: What’s wrong with you girls. Again, bruise me, choke me, spank me. Pull my hair let me
know that you were there.

Lesley: That’s not. That’s passion.

Binkie: If you leave a bruise …

Lesley: We’re talking about muzzles and whips and chains and …

Binkie: Who are you talking to bitch, you know I got some whips at the house it ain’t nothing.
Tie me up and shit.  Easy, she’s a kinky one.

Lesley: Yeah, she’s a kinky one.

Binkie:  So, you can put me down for the S&M, thanks.

Sarah: I’m a passion kind of girl. I like to sip on the thug passion, wink wink.

Naomi: Wink. Everything’s in coding.

“It’s a man’s world or at least we let them think it is.” -Electrik Red

PYNK: So, lights on or lights off?

Sarah: Passion, I’m going to have to go. I don’t shop at H&M either. I like passion.

PYNK: Lights on or lights off?

Naomi: I mean it depends on whether the mask is on or the mask it off.

Lesley: Dim?  No, I like them both lighting. I like a candle, I like a reflection.

Naomi: Yes, you know I like to see what’s happening, but I don’t really like the florescent light, that’s for not me.

Lesley: I mean.

Binkie: Just a litle bit of light, so you can see what you’re working with. Would the morning
sunshine do? You can’t escape …

Lesley: You’re right.

Binkie: The total darkness at night.

PYNK: That was the next one I was going to say, morning or night?

Naomi: Night.

Lesley: Night.

PYNK: Or we can even throw in another one, midday. Afternoon.

Binkie: Hello. That’s the perfect time.

Lesley: That’s always fun

Binkie: I would say, night and midday. Prime time.

Sarah: Yes, that sounds like happy hour if you know what I mean.

Lesley: How about Naomisky?

Sarah: Getting to know you …

Naomi: To get dropped off … I was in the middle of being a parent for a while which was a bit too
much. Anyway, I’m back. I’m a fan of the midday moment because then the rest of the
day you have a smile on your face and no one knows why.

Binkie: Oh, sexy.

Naomi: If you’re a whole other bitch that afternoon. You know? I was stanky, now I’m sweet. Wow, what happened to her? No one knows. I know. I know what happened. You know what I mean.

Binkie: I feel like anytime of day works for me, I’m fine with all of these marks and scratched and
I’m good to go.

Naomi: When you have kids it’s called like, we have a moment let’s go. You figure out the time.

Sarah: Meet you in the shower.

Lesley: Right, I have a motto and it’s if you get it up, I’m going to put it down. Yeah, let’s do it.

“Always keep a smile, you never know who’s watching.” -S.A.M.D.


PYNK: That’s funny. So, top or bottom?

Naomi: Top.

Lesley: Top.

Sarah: Love on top.

Binkie: I’m an equal opportunity. I’m going to do with top, I have been a bottom but I’d rather be
in control of the situation. You know what I mean?

Sarah: Yeah.

Binkie: Full control. Full control.

Sarah: You can just be cuter, you know what I mean?

Naomi: I feel like you can be cuter on the bottom, you’re like Princess Leia you can just lay there
and smile.

Binkie: No, no, no, no. I feel like it’s more impactful the next day when that vision of you in
control is there.

Naomi: Perhaps, perhaps. You know if you just stretch out the neck of it for that double chin when
you’re hunching down.

Binkie: No, I’m thinking like sitting all the way up. You can flip your hair, you can’t do that you
know? You can ducky wine.

Naomi: Yeah, you can’t do it on your back. You’re limited. Can’t do it with a …

PYNK: So, sweet or spicy? And this is not sexual, this is just sweet or spicy food. It can be anything.

Binkie: Oh, it’s all sexual honey.

PYNK: It could be sexual, that’s right.

Lesley: This is Lesley.  I’m going to go with sweet.

Sarah: I concur with Lesley there.

Lesley: Yeah but then again we’re the more like wholesome girls in the group.

Naomi: Un uh! Un uh!

Lesley: Compared to?

Naomi: What does that mean? Go ahead spicy meatballs.

Lesley: I know what you’re going to say.

Naomi: Caliente.

Binkie: Mad Chipotle.

Naomi: There’s got to be a balance doesn’t there? There’s got to be a balance, you know? A little
mix a room.

Binkie: No. A little sriracha.

Lesley: It reminds me of London this weekend. Are you sweet or are you spicy?

Sarah: Oh my.

Naomi: Yep, definitely.

Sarah: That’s hilarious.

PYNK: Chocolate or vanilla?

Sarah: Vanilla, Sarah. Holler.

Lesley: Representing vanilla.

Binkie: Chocolate, that’s me. Preferably coffee but if you ain’t got that, I’ll take the chocolate.

Naomi: Sorry, I’m ripping my kid a new asshole and you guys, I’m sorry I can’t be 100%. I am
literally screaming at the top of my lungs the minute we hit the mute button.

Binkie: We wouldn’t know. You wouldn’t know.

Naomi: I’m doing it by accident like rip your legs off! Like, nasty, evil, evil, mother, evil.

Lesley: That’s good parenting.

Binkie: Chocolate or vanilla, Naomi?

Naomi: You know to be honest, I’ve traveled on both sides of the ice cream thing.

Binkie: We’re actually talking about the for real for real.

Naomi: Oh, to be honest to you, I’ll have the swirl with the peanuts on top if we’re really talking
about it okay? If we’re really talking about ice cream.

Sarah: Oh, my goodness.

PYNK: Like you say, it’s all sexual so I guess it could be sexual too you know.

Naomi: I mean, that’s really how I like it. It tastes like an actual Sunday that way, but if … I don’t
know which way we’re going with but that’s my answer.

“It’s hard being an authentic girl in a botox world” -Electrik Red


PYNK: Okay! That’s funny. Coffee or tea?

Sarah: Coffee, Rosete.

Lesley: Tea, with a little bit of creamer.

Naomi: Naomi tea, all day, every day, five times a day if I can.

Binkie: I’m coffee all day. Can’t start my life, can’t see colors without it.

PYNK: I know, me either. I understand. So, LA or New York?

Naomi: Uh, New York. That’s easy. Even though I live in LA.

Binkie: New York and that’s why a bitch moved back.

Lesley: I love New York. I love New York, but there’s things I love about LA. Can I say both?

Sarah: LA is home. I mean, but New York so much fun. It reminds me of the east coast. If I had
to choose, I’d say Toronto.

Naomi: That’s not an option.

Binkie: That’s my final answer.

PYNK: So, reality or scripted TV?

Binkie: Scripted. This is Binkie, scripted.

Lesley: I think I’m going to go with scripted.

Naomi: Well the content is … This is Naomi, the content is better when it’s scripted, but the
entertainment is so much better when it’s reality.

Lesley: True. True story.

Sarah: Yeah, I like both.

Naomi: Okay, what’s everyone’s favorite reality, can we come up with, “Oh my God, that was the
best?” Is it Making the Band Season versus the most amazing scripted show. You would
probably choose scripted over reality.

Lesley: Yeah.

Naomi: You know.  Scratch your chin.

Sarah: Yeah. Like you said, the entertainment of reality is just so much more juicy, you know? It
is, but I sometimes feel like my brain cells or dying even though I’m laughing hysterically
and that’s also good for the soul. I’m baffled like, “Oh my God, I can’t believe this.” It’s
like watching a train wreck.

Naomi: Like Adam Sandler says, this Naomi. Like I feel like I am now dumber for having
watched that, but I still can’t take my eyes away. Dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb.

Binkie: Sometimes when you have a crazy day, that’s the purpose. You don’t feel like thinking.
You just want to watch some fucking idiots, you know? You’re turning the brain off.

Sarah: So true.

Lesley: That is so true.


PYNK: So Mary Jane girls or Vanity Six?

Naomi: What were the options?

PYNK: Mary Jane Girls, I know y’all remember the Mary Jane girls, Rick James’ Mary Jane girls …

Sarah: Vanity Six.

Binkie: That’s my jam. THat’s so hard.

Lesley: For me at least, Lesley’s, six. Vanity six.

Sarah: Yeah, Sarah does too.

Naomi: Who goes Vanity, this is Naomi?

Binkie: Oh my God, I’m going to have to say both for the first time, but Binkie says both.  Cause who doesn’t want to kick it with Rick James?

PHOTO CREDIT(S): theelectrikvault’s IG

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