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Dove’s ‘Love Your Curls’ Mission Gives Smart Phones Curly-Haired Emoji’s


Our prayers from the hair god’s have finally been answered with Dove’s latest venture of adding curly-haired emoji’s to the our text-sharing platforms. Since the drop of these caricature’s millions of people use emoji’s on a daily basis. Initially, the only emoji’s that were available on everyone’s phone were the fair-skinned ones, but thanks to the Internet and mass opinions of people of color, diversity was forced upon the character creators, hence the drop of the darker emoticon’s. About six months ago, Apple created colored girl emoji’s, but for some Dove executives that was not enough.


Photo CredIt: Dove


In January, Dove launched their Love Your Curls movement, which tells the story of several young girls and how they aren’t confident in their curls. Dove decided to take action on this issue and created an opportunity for women of all ages to express more than their emotions through social mediums. The multi-million dollar company has taken matters into their own hands by creating emojis with several unique hair styles. Although we face many other more serious race issue in America, the integration of color in the most basic form of social media is certainly necessary. Great job, Dove! #PYNKGirlApproved

Click here to Download Curly Emoji’s

Watch the Love Your Curls official promo video here:


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