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Ebony And NY Mag Have Very Controversial Covers This Month



Ebony Magazine and New York Magazine have chimed in the on the unfortunate current issues that have been happening in the news. Fed up and eager to promote the black voice in media, Ebony’s newest August 2015 issue cover is not a pretty face in Hollywood, it’s four very important words that read “America Loves Black Culture.” Knowing that they were either going to get scrutinized or glorified for such a bold move; Mitzi Miller knew that it was important to spread a message of love and faith on a culture in need at this tragic moment in society.


In addition, NY Mag also took a leap when they dropped their latest issue featuring the 35 women who came forward about the Bill Cosby accusations. If print was dying in 2014, it’s definitely flourishing in 2015 considering people are definitely going to want to purchase these issues for more reasons than what’s inside.

Earlier this spring in May, photographer Devin Allen started a photo-documentary of his experience in Baltimore after the death of Freddie Gray; and since then the face of 2015 editorial has completely changed. Perhaps this form of media-driven social activism will help spread awareness of the unfortunate events that we have suffered through to prevent them in the future. Do you think that these covers help or hurt the movement?

Photo Credit(s): Ebony, NY Mag



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