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Empire Life Mag & A La Carte Galore Host ‘Unlocked Summit’ In Chicago


One in three privately owned companies in the U.S are owned by women, but due to lack of revenue gains and investment; such companies do not have successful enough business to last. To help business owners surpass the trial years, Empire Life Magazine and A La Carte Galore teamed up to offer a ground-breaking experience for the ultimate entrepreneurial woman: The Unlocked Summit. This event kicked off in Chicago last week featuring some of the city’s most influential woman entrepreneurs that gave tips and shared personal experiences in order to help empower and encourage aspiring female business owners and entrepreneurs.

Women of color face many barriers in workplace advancement such lack of equal pay, social capital and access to mentors, leading many women to entrepreneurship. Created by Asia Horne of EmpireLifeMag.Com and Chatoya Antwine of A la carte Galore, The Unlocked Summit is an inspiring and uplifting experience where young women can receive advice and encouragement from other women who are powerhouses in their trade. It is a unique experience that encourages growth with millennial’s both personally and professionally.
The Summit covered topics in business sustainability, work fashion, leadership traits and maintaining healthy lifestyles. The members of the Chicago campaign facilitated informative and interactive workshops. The Speakers included Dr. Chantale Stephens-Archer & Dr. Gameli Dekayie-Amenu of Besties MD, Chiquita White, Jennifer Nashae’ and Nikki Burnett of Leading Ladies of Chicago, Sheena Marie of Sheena Marie Beauty Studio, Ariel Rainey of the Hustle Mommies Non Profit organization, Michelle Thames of Happily Ever Natural and Stacey Emerson of HER Treasures Boutique, and Tahiti Spears and Monique Rodriguez of Mielle Organics. Dr. Shante Bishop blessed attendees with a live recording of her popular podcast, Branding for Believers.
The next “Unlocked Summit” will be held in Detroit February 2016.
All Photo Credit(s): Marlon Taylor of Cover Art Creative
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