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Whether you love her or not, either way Tahiry Jose is beauty and brains and she is boss enough to handle it. As an Entrepreneur, Reality TV star, Model, and Actress, she is more than a triple threat. She has more to offer than what meets the eye and that’s why I had the bright idea to pick her brain about random topics of discussion for all the ladies (and men if you care to know). In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Tahiry is hacking your life and all up in your space with her advice and perspective on life, love, relationships, exercise, hangovers, and everything else. I do mean everything! She covered it all.

When I reached out, I knew I had the vision of the way I saw it in my head from the moment I saw her Instagram live video getting her make-up done talking about her glowing skin (we talked about that remedy too!) When I told her, she instantly said she was with it and she immediately knew where I was going with it! She totally got my vision! I admire her for that and her honesty, most importantly, all the time! If one thing you can say about Tahiry, she is honest 100%, unfiltered, and relatable. You can blame that on her brawn Dominican personality. We have all been some of these places talked about here below, a time or two, and Tahiry sets the tone for LIFE.

PYNK Mag is bringing it (the heat)!  Tahiry will be here with us and you. Thank me later. I’m super proud and excited about this project and campaign; we all are. The NY native is a friend to us, and with hopes that this inspires even one if not all aspects of your life. We’ll let you inside; each week there will be gems dropped for a healthier and better you. Don’t miss a beat.


PYNK: What’s your advice on being comfortable in your own skin? Just being yourself and feeling comfortable with who you are. What’s your advice on that; How to get comfortable or being comfortable in your own skin, just in general?

Tahiry Jose: My advice on how to be comfortable? I think that everybody has some kind of
insecurity. I don’t care if you’re a man or a woman. I believe that being comfortable is something
that just happens and it happens in due time, depending on each person. There comes a time in
life where after certain experiences and just living life, you one day just arrive. There is no
advice except for, understand that everybody’s great in their own way. I also would tell a younger Tahiry maybe, your imperfections are what makes you beautiful and makes you real. You have to embrace them and work around them and just be yourself. There’s nothing sexier than a person who’s not perfect. Who wants perfect anyways? I think that’s how I live my life now. I know that I have, for instance, cellulite. When I was a young girl, I hated it, but I’ve learned to work through it, work out, and wear thicker material.

You just have to work around it all. When you know who you are you start to embrace
everything that comes with you. I’m all woman. I think beauty comes in confidence. It’s also,
understanding and accepting who you are and that some things you might not be able to change so you just have to push through and try to make them better.”

PYNK: Right. That is true. It’s all over Instagram, all over social media about living a better and a healthier lifestyle. What is your take on living a better and healthier lifestyle?  How does Tahiry do that and how would you advise someone else that may need that?

Tahiry: Everything in moderation. I never starve myself. I don’t count calories. I don’t even
weigh myself. I may know my inches or how many inches I’ve lost due to the fact that I’m
always doing shoots and trying on certain clothes or people want my measurements to send me
some stuff to wear; but in actuality, everything in moderation because we’re human. I’m not
going to deprive myself from that cookie because I might get fat. I’ll actually have half of
anything that’s not supposed to be good for me. You need a little bit of everything in life. You
have to live a balanced life. I drink massive amounts of water but then I also drink some vodka.
When you deprive yourself from stuff, whenever you do have the chance to have it you OD and
then that’s where it’s not good for you. Eat equal amounts of everything or just have a cheat meal a week. Shit, I’ll have a cheat day. Again, that comes with being comfortable with who you are and knowing what your goals are and just trying your hardest, but not depriving yourself from everything or anything.

PYNK: Speaking of all of that; glowing skin. On the live video you were doing on
Instagram not long ago, you were talking about glowing skin and you have a remedy for that. What is your remedy?

Tahiry: Oh my god, my glow. Usually when people ask, “Are you pregnant?” I’m like no it’s my
aesthetician @skinbymamie. She’s amazing! I blend my kale, spinach, pears, cucumbers,
bananas, ginger, water, and ice every morning, and a squeeze of lemon and then I add some
apples and some flax seeds. If not then I’ll blend some pineapples and cucumbers together with a little water. Before I step out my house I think I might drink three liters of water already, between my protein shake, my green drink, and my warm cup of water in the morning with a squeeze of lemon in it.

It probably has to do with the fact that I drink my veggies every morning. I drink lots of water. I stay hydrated. Talking about staying hydrated. getting good Penis can also help give you that “GLOW!” Yes, “Team Tahiry,” GOOD DICK! Haven’t you noticed that when a woman’s in LOVE she has that extra pep in her step? All of a sudden, her outfits match and she starts to work out!!!! Everything is peaches. Yup, that glow can be, because she is having the time of her life in bed.
I swear to god. My mother is in love, the other day she said she’s been working out. I was like,
“Ma! Dick did all that, because she ain’t been on a treadmill in years. Now she’s glowing, her
outfits be matching, her outfits be on point. I’m like, it must be that dick. I gotta meet him. It’s
drinking massive amounts of water, drinking and eating your veggies, having a great
aesthetician, you have to moisturize and plenty of having good penis and that is the goal to
having that glow.

PYNK: That is hilarious. So you cleanse and you detox, is that right? I saw on Instagram

you were talking about that.

Tahiry: I have.

PYNK: How do you do that? What’s your process with that?

Tahiry: My most recent cleanse is called “Clean Start” I go weekly to a Holistic Center called
My Wellness Solutions (@MWShealth) Operation Cleanse is a two week program I do a few
times a year. It basically helps me reset and refocus (and helps me maintain my weight in a
healthy way). It includes food and supplements. CleanStart is one of the fiber filled supplements
they use to help give the digestive system a push and help with weight loss. The real work with
operation cleanse is done via the food I eat while cleansing. The girls have created recipes that
are easy and quick to make and also work with each other to make me feel less bloated, less
puffy and with much more energy to meet my hectic schedule. I absolutely love it.

I believe everybody should cleanse once a year. It’s important to free your body from all the
alcohol, processed foods etc.”

PYNK: Hangover! Speaking of alcohol and cleansing, if you had a hangover, like you done partied too much and you’re like, “Oh my god,” what do you do to get past … What’s your remedy on how to get over that?

Tahiry: Well I’ve had a few of those hangover mornings in my life time. A quick remedy that my
mom taught me, although she was no real drinker, was DRINK A GLASS OF MILK BEFORE
YOU GO TO BED or what I did most recently was take an Advil or Aleve before I lay my tipsy
ass down. One more hangover trick that you can do is have a Corona the minute you feel
hungover. That definitely helped me a few times.

You can try these things or sleep right through the hangover if you are on your day off or are self employed, like at times I’ve said “fuck this” and made it a bum day, stayed my ass in bed and drank soup (Laughs).

Better tip, stick your finger down your throat and get all that liquor out your system, not always the best way, but hey whatever helps. Isn’t there something called BC powder that I heard also helps?!?!

PYNK: I heard Bloody Mary. Then I’ve heard coffee, too. Coffee helps, too.

Tahiry: Yeah, coffee, Bloody Mary. Ibuprofen, you know what I’m saying? Just thug it out!

PYNK: Switching gears a little bit, but talking about getting to some self-care, exercise, we gonna talk about all things, but your butt. Everybody has been talking about Tahiry’s butt for years and the body that you have and you’ve expressed it is natural and proven that it’s all natural. It’s all real. For the women that may not be that gifted or blessed in that department how would you advise them to get it? Any exercise? Anything in particular to get the bigger butt they might be looking for?

Tahiry: Some women will never be able to have a fat butt. I’m sorry. Some women might just
have to put in some extra work to get them buns in better shape. Exercises that work are
squats, dead lifts & lunges. These exercises are 100% going to tone your butt. Exercises in
general will help you reshape your body. Even I have to hit the gym or consistently hit the gym
to keep these cheeks in tip top shape. If I don’t keep working, you will see the difference. Shit,
one time I got so skinny and stopped working out and I almost lost my butt. No seriously, it is
possible. So I stay in the gym working on me, redefining , reshaping but overall staying young
and healthy. Working out is part of my lifestyle. It keeps my mind, body & soul intact!

Now my problem is that my body is toning up and my cheeks are getting bigger. (Laughs).”


PYNK: Of course, with a busy lifestyle and constantly on the go, what’s the best way or
time to incorporate working out because of the importance that it is anyway? How do you balance that?

Tahiry:For starters you need to have discipline. I’m not going to lie and say I’m the most
disciplined person ever, but what I will say is that I have great genes and jeans (GET IT! Laughs)
I get it from my mama, literally! I’m really lucky that even when I slack a little I’m able to look a
certain way.

Discipline is very important. Nowadays I try to stick with it. So I work out in my hotel room if need be when I’m on the road. Using the hotel chair I squat or I’ll do lunges, crunches, and sit-ups. I might hit the hotel gym and get my cardio on or research the closest yoga or pilates studio in that area. It’s all about being consistent, but most important other than working out is what you eat. I don’t know if you know but its really 80% food and 20% gym. So if your diet isn’t right you will see few results.

PYNK: That is true. Speaking of eating and the best things to eat, what are your food
choices, or eating on the go, what are your best recommendations, or for snacking? Stuff like that, too.

Tahiry: Best recommendation for eating on the go is to try and keep your healthy food with you. If you can’t then keep healthy snacks on deck. Sometimes it’s super hard to find healthy meals while on the road. I’ve been in small towns where I’ve asked for grilled fish ,chicken or veggies and people have had the oddest reactions and let me know that nothing grilled exist. All foods are fried or smothered. 😲

So now, I always keep some nuts in my bag, cashews, almonds, seeds, and even raisins. (Laughs) A good protein bar always does the trick. I love “Kind Fruit & Nuts” bars or “Quest Protein Bars” to keep me entertained while I can find a nice salad or some protein and veggies, because if not I will be in a fast food’s drive thru BEASTING!!!!! HAHA, and in that case if you ever BEAST DON’T order a #1 SUPER SIZED; ORDER A HAPPY MEAL! *Remember ITS ALL ABOUT BALANCE…. All is good in moderation!

PYNK: Okay, so moderations, again.

Tahiry: Moderation, substituting, yeah. Substituting is the better option. You have better choices.

PHOTO CREDIT(S): Tahiry (@therealtahiry)

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