Exclusive: Nahla “Bee” Ward proves that she’s #PynkGirlApproved

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If you haven’t seen Nahla Bee, a talented young lady, yet, where have you been? Nahla Ward, known as, Nahla Bee is a singer and lyricist who gained popularity on social media by rapping and spreading her positive message about self-love and true beauty for the #SoGoneChallenge. After receiving such a positive response to the challenge, she was featured on The Real and received praises from the So Gone singer, Monica Brown.

In June she gave us a new video worthy of applause when she spit lyrics about her higher education on Kendrick Lamar’s DNA.

The Connecticut native graduated from Temple University with a degree in Criminal Justice and in Spanish.

“I love studying the justice system. Although I was preparing to go to law school to pursue my goal of being an attorney, I have had a loud calling to focus on my music career at this moment,” shares regarding her future.

Many people were interested in what she is doing now that she is a graduate and she tell us, exclusively what she has been up to and what we can expect from her in the very near future.

THYNK PYNK: What have you been up to since you’ve graduated?

Nahla Bee: Upon graduation, I have recently been preparing for life’s next stage. I have been preparing for big performances that will be located in various parts of the country. Recently, the New York City and Philadelphia scene are where most of my performances have occurred.

TP: In your graduation rap, you mention that you have many awards, can you elaborate?

NB: Yes, in my Graduation Rap to Kendrick Lamar’s DNA I mentioned “honors and awards flowing in my DNA.” I was highlighting some of my accomplishments during my college career such as:

Winning 2 pageants: The most current, being the Ms. Black and Gold of the Pi Rho Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.; the Diamond Award which is the highest award given by student affairs at Temple University; the Star Power Award given by the National Council of Negro Women for “having the ability to touch others with extraordinary talent”; and the Criminal Justice Faculty Award for academic achievement and superior leadership.

TP: What inspired you to get minor in Spanish?

NB: My love for language grew during college. From my freshman missionary trip to Peru to my senior year, entering into a submersion Latin American Studies Semester program where I also went to Costa Rica to study Spanish, my love for this language and culture has grown. It is refreshing to be able to communicate with others in multiple languages.

TP: Are you fluent in any other languages?

NB: I know Haitian Creole very well. Although I am not of Haitian descent, this is another one of the many cultures I submerged myself into in order to learn the language and the culture.

TP: What can we expect from you in the near future?

NB: Music! The life lessons I have learned, the college memories I have created, and the journey I am continuing to travel will heavily impact the my new music I will be releasing soon.

I will also be headlining a Women’s Empowerment Conference in Cleveland.

We are all rooting for you Nahla Bee and we think that your message is #PynkGirlApproved.

To keep up with Nahla Bee, check out her Instagram here.


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