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Exclusive: Ray Moon dishes about her new EP

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Life experience shapes who you are. Being born in one city and raised in another not only molds you but it creates a person that can speak to the hearts of many. Enters into our music world, Ray Moon.

Born in Queens, NY, Ray Moon, is the latest artist to watch as she shares her artistic talent of manipulating words to tell a story that touches your soul and makes you nod your head in approval of her style and her sounds.

Since her 8th year of life, Ray Moon has been writing poetry. Through days and nights of honing her craft, she used her effortless abilities to captivate her audience. She truly came into her own at the age of 15 when she was relocated to Georgia’s “Nawfside” and gained a large following through her music.

Ray Moon has music that caters to millennial movers and shakers. We had a chance to speak with Ray exclusively, about her entry into the world of music, her new EP  Thoughts of Being Sober, and what to expect in the future.

THINK PYNK: Where were you raised?

Ray Moon: I was born in Queens New York, raised in Atlanta and now I reside in California.

TP: How did your upbringing shape and mold your music style?

RM: Most of my songs come from my past and present life experiences. I’m an avid writer. So whatever I’m feeling I just began to write. Mostly love and heart breaks with those close to me. Going through certain situation makes it easy to create the vibe that I do because it’s true, it’s just me.

TP: What genre is your music considered?

RM: A Mix of R&B, hip hop, pop, and soul.

TP: What makes your sound unique?

RM: My sound is so unique because you can’t quite categorize it. When people ask me what is my genre of music I tell them all the time that I don’t have one, then they listen to my sound and it’s like, you’re right, you don’t have one. Lol. It’s a mixture of everything from an old school sound mixed with the new school. Its hip hop mixed with rock and roll with a little bit of pop and R&B.

TP: Which artist inspired your music?

RM: Sade…huge inspiration. I love her!

TP: What inspired the name of the new EP Thoughts of being Sober?

RM: I was drinking a lot due to my past relationships, Not only with love, but finding true friends, and even finding and trusting myself. My inspiration for Thoughts of Being Sober was my current mood. Relationships, family, status confusion! A lot of different factors drove me to drink alcohol more often than usual. I would drink and then I would think. Drink some more and start thinking more. In turn, I poured it all out on these records.

TP: What do you want people to understand when they hear your music?

RM: When people listen to my music I want people to be able to relate and be inspired. You’re not the only person going through things. Not just being about relationships, but anything that people go through that’s hard to deal with. I want them to feel like they can turn something negative into a positive situation.

TP: When will your EP be released?

RM: I don’t’ have an exact date yet. But the project is finished. We’re just going over it and making sure it’s perfect, especially for my fans who’s been waiting on this project. It would definitely be mid July to early August.

TP: What can we expect from you in the near future?

RM: Growth, more music. Definitely more soul, more pain, and more of the true me. I’m actually working on rock and country music too. I’m going to be legendary. I have a story to tell, I just can’t wait to tell it.

Keep up with Ray Moon at her Instagram

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