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EXCLUSIVE: We Chatted With Shaniece Hairston About Her New Line, Sha by Reflex

When it comes to hitting the gym, the last thing I am thinking about is a fashion statement. From time to time, I may throw on a little matching set of leggings and a tank, but mostly you will catch me in an old t-shirt and a pair of leggings that have made their way to the “never wear these again” pile– except to the gym.

After chatting with a few ladies, I was inspired to take it up a notch with my looks because, hey, you only look as good as you feel, right? So I have made quite the effort to change my appearance when I exercise by wearing a little style along with comfort.

So when I came across Sha by Reflex, I was all in for the look of the athleisure wear.

Photo: Six: 02

Photo Via Instagram: @Shanieceh// Six: 02

If you are not familiar with Sha, that is short for Shaniece Hairston. Shaniece is a 24-year-old model and new found designer who is stepping out of the shadow of her famous reality star mother, Evelyn Lozada, to give us fashion for women who want to take their athleisure from day to night.

I spoke with Shaniece exclusively, about her line wih Six:02 and what we can expect from her in the future.

Pynk: So how long have you been working on your athleisure wear?
Shaniece Hairston: Almost a year ago, Six:02 told me that they were working on a new line and asked me if I was willing to partner on their new line. I was excited about the opportunity and I seized the moment.

Pynk: How hands on were you with the line?
SH: I was very hands on and it was a little difficult because I had to be bi-coastal, but I did the back and forth so that I could get the feel of the materials. I wanted women to not just look good in the clothing, I wanted them to feel it as well.

Pynk: What is one of your favorite pieces from the line?
SH: My favorite piece is definitely the butterfly bomber jacket because those are the same butterflies that are tattooed on my mom’s back. That is very special to me. I wanted something to remind me of her always.

Photo Via: Six: 02

Photo Via: Six: 02

Pynk: What did she think of the jacket?
SH: She liked it a lot. She cried a little bit.

Pynk: Why fashion?
SH: Fashion is my lifelong passion. I did a little modeling for a while, but I knew that it was not my lifelong passion.

Pynk: What can we expect from you next?
SH: I still want to do more with fashion and do a little more with home decor and the whole lifestyle venture. But, I think that you can expect another line in the future.

Tweety Elitou in Sha By Reflex // Photo: Aalim Elitou

Tweety Elitou in Sha By Reflex // Photo: Aalim Elitou

It is my opinion that we need more of Sha by Reflex for our exercising pleasure. Be sure to check out her pieces at:

Check out the video below to share in my experience with her line.

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