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Fashion Feature: Natural Movement Tee Shirt Line, Eleven Twenty Co.



For all the natural sisters and equal rights advocators out here on the web, here’s a great tee shirt line for you and your mini-me’s. Eleven Twenty Co. is a black owned business dedicated to uplifting and spreading love, peace and knowledge to people of all backgrounds and ethnicities. Focusing on the pride of black culture and history, the line verbalizes certain cultural normality’s for black culture and prints them on tee shirts. Designed by Meg Guerrier through the support of her husband Mozart, the collection was inspired by the natural hair movement because she felt like children of color were missing on social media platforms. Guerrier’s message is to spread the word that brown children are beautiful and perfectly natural. Check out some of her latest collection below.

Check out more of their merchandise at Eleven Twenty Co.

Photo Credit(s): Eleven Twenty Co.




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