Fashion’s rising “IT” designer Gamili E discusses inspiration behind the seams

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There are so many designers to look out for during fashion week but one particular collection caught our eye and that is the Gamili E collection. You should definitely get familiar with  the designer,  Gamili Almond as she rises in this beautiful chaos of Fashion. She sat down with PYNK to discuss her mesmerizing collection.

Describe your collection?

The Gamili E Collection is the embodiment of sex appeal, edginess, and class.  Each garment is created to satisfy a woman’s need to feel wanted (sex appeal), dares her to be different (edginess), while displaying the elegance of a lady (class).

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Model Tierra Benton in Gamili E photographed by Ahmad Barber

What inspired your collection?

This collection was inspired by mummification while doing research on ancient Egypt.

How long have you been designing?

 I’ve been designing since I was 15 years old. I started out sketching, creating outfits for friends, as well as proms dresses for girls while in high school.

How was your journey?

My journey is ongoing.  Every day that I create a new design or garment I learn something different.  Every time a woman puts on a Gamili E gown and transforms in front of my eyes I am further inspired.  Every time I make a new connection in the fashion industry it exposes me to new opportunities and ultimately new lessons.  My journey is long, and sometimes lonely because I am (for now) a one woman show which can get overwhelming at times.

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Model Tierra Benton in Gamili E photographed by Ahmad Barber

What are some challenges that  you had to overcome?

 Some challenges that I have overcome is learning the business of fashion.  Learning that it takes more than talent to make it in this industry or any industry…it takes being business savvy, smart work, and connecting with the right people.

Who are some designers who inspire you?

There are many designers that inspire me.  Currently, I get my biggest inspiration from Oliver Rousteing and Stephane Rolland; both are very detailed in their work. Elie Saab for his charming and classic designs, Alber Elbaz for his chic and edgy pieces. 

What does style mean to you?

Style means confidence and individuality.  It means being confident in your skin and not being afraid to be your authentic self.  My garments are created for that woman.

How would you like to influence the fashion industry?

I would like to influence the fashion industry by being known for creating timeless pieces that even 20 years later are still admired for its beauty, creativity, details, and originality.

-Abesi Manyando

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