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From Def Jam Intern to Graphic Designer Annjela Nelson is Changing The Face of Branding for Female Entrepreneurs !

Photo Via: @annj.nelly Instagram

Annjela Nelson has a proven track record for shooting for the stars and accomplishing whatever she puts her mind to. From nurturing her love for coding when MySpace was a ripe social media platform to now being an entrepreneur owning her own business. The graphic designer has come a long way from being a Def Jam Intern to owning The Jayde Media a business aiding in helping women entrepreneurs to become successful. Get to know more about Annjela as she discusses coding for our youth, where it all began for her, and knowing her worth when it comes to the work she’s put in.

Q: As a visionary, when did you begin to notice that graphic design was your passion?

I always knew I was creative, but graphic design really became my passion at 12 years old. The day I was introduced to MySpace. I found true love in merging my love of creating art with HTML. I didn’t know there was a name for it then but I knew it was something that made me excited.

Photo courtesy of Tamara Rennae

Photo courtesy of Tamara Rennae

Q: You’ve previously interned for Def Jam Records, how has working for such a well-known record label help established your lane and independence moving forward?

It was a great learning experience for me. I learned so much about business, It was much greater than just a graphic design internship. It prepared me for running my own business. I walked away with the ability to close high-end clients deals without having to negotiate my pricing.

Q: What are some things that you want women entrepreneurs to know about your business The Jayde Media?

We are Branding Coaches and Graphic Designers for ambitious, go-getter female entrepreneurs who are changing the world.

We help our clients create high-end, stylish & profitable brands so that they can stand out as the go-to experts in their industry, attract premium clients and explode their sales & income

These Women Entrepreneurs will walk away with a visual brand identity that reflects a quality of services and allows them to confidently market themselves to high-end paying clients.

“People often forget that branding is more than just pretty colors and logos.”

Q: While web designing and dealing with brands creatively, what do you think is the most vital piece that people look over when creating their own brand?

People often forget that branding is more than just pretty colors and logos. They often forget to include themselves in their brand. Not knowing that people are more likely to interact with you over a robot.

You are the primary brand ambassador for your brand ALWAYS have quality business cards on hand. You should always be prepared for networking whether you are on social media or at the airport.

Photo courtesy of Tamara Rennae

Photo courtesy of Tamara Rennae

Q: How important do you think it is for us to teach our youth how to code?

Honestly, I would recommend everyone gaining at least the basic knowledge of coding. We are living in a day in age where technology is very important. Having the ability to code prepares you for real world of technology!

There is no doubt that Annjela Nelson is #PYNKGirlApproved! She is pretty, provocative, and powerful! To find more on Annjela follow her on Instagram @annj.nelly. Until next time ladies, stay pretty!

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