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From The Daily Show to HBO Watch Jessica Williams As She Makes HERstory!

Photo courtesy of NY Times

You might’ve seen The Incredible Jessica James on Netflix but today we are here to give you a glimpse of Jessica Williams. She is apart of our Black History month special honoring women making HERtory! Williams is an actress, comedian, and producer who has been in front of the camera since 2006, seen on the HBO series Girls and numerous amount of times on The Daily Show regularly. Her authenticity and her ability to be unapologetic kept everyone loving her satire, she is as provocative as they come. Jessica Williams was born in California and now resides in the powerful streets of NYC! Nonetheless, the actress is nothing short of a trailblazer.

Image courtesy of New York Times

Image courtesy of New York Times

We all fell in love with Jessica in the Netflix original as she played an aspiring playwright in New York City who is dealing with life as it comes. Williams played the role of Jessica James effortlessly as she dealt with a breakup, dating a newly divorced man, and not to mention her main focus on her career. We loved her blunt and quirky personality that touched the heart of millions! Not only was she the lead actress but also the producer of The Incredible Jessica James, a refreshing take on the life of a single black woman.

As Jessica Williams career progresses we’ll be seeing her more on our tv screens. Tonight she will be on the new HBO special 2 Dope Queens. Phoebe Robinson alongside Jessica will be discussing hair, sex, living in NYC, romantic relationships, and race. The two best friends started 2 Dope Queens off as a comedy podcast show in Brooklyn, later launched a podcast in 2016. The podcast was rated the Best Podcast in 2016 by The New York Times, The Guardian, and Entertainment Weekly to name a few. This provocative special will be airing tonight on HBO at 11:30 PM. 2 Dope Queens is a four-part special, ladies get ready to adjust those crowns because this special will be nothing less than comical!

Image courtesy of HBO

Image courtesy of HBO

Jessica Williams never kept silent about real issues on gay rights, Trump, Black women, Native Americans and more. Her talent deserves to be apart of Pynk’s HERstory for our Black History Month special! Jessica’s crown is always versatile as she consistently goes for natural looks. The powerful and provocative woman has a bright future as she recently announced that she will be working with JK Rowling in Fantastic Beast, talk about black girl magic!


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