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Girl Power: Check Out These ‘Female Only’ Pink Cabs For PYNK Girls



First, let me hop out the M***F***, Rickshaw!

Although segregation is not the way to go, feminism is a more empowering form of separation that is definitely necessary when it comes to helping women and our culture. Although it is a constant concern for women everywhere to be safe while traveling, women in Pakistan face a much more serious problem: physically getting to work and travelling from place to place. Sexual harassment statistics in some Pakistani cities are approximately at an 85 percent rate and conditions don’t seem to be getting any better. Enter the “Pink Cab”―PLOT TWIST.

Feminist, entrepreneur, activist, and president of Pakistan’s non-profit Environment Protection Fund,  Zar Aslam has decided to launch an initiative called “Pink Rickshaw Project”―a car service owned by women, with women drivers and female only patrons. This service will assure the safety of women and their travel obligations.

“In Pakistan, traveling for women is a nightmare because there isn’t enough public transportation. Women are not socially and culturally allowed to ride bikes, and cars are too expensive for most middle-class women,” says Zar Aslam.

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Photo Credit(s): The Guardian & PBS



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