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#GirlCode: Rules And Regulations Of The Perfect Bestie


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Your best friend, ride or die, PUD  should be a therapist, boyfriend and mother when you need. Your bestie, ace boon coon, sister probably knows you the most out of everyone you know. She’s had your back since day one. Your main, road dog, your “woe.” She is a boss just like you and compliments everything that you stand for. She understands that you may not always have time to gossip on the phone, but you’re always down to ride when need be.

Great friends are hard to come by and there are many snakes in the forest, so it’s important to watch out for people who aren’t the real deal. There is an unspoken set of rules that all women should follow in a bestie relationship. The rules are fairly simple, but you’d be surprised how easy it is to break them. The most important aspect of a best friendship is trust and loyalty, which is why these rules all require being genuine. Check out 10 rules and regulations of the perfect bestie.

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Bestie Guildlines 101:


1. Never ever date an ex

Self-explanatory. Don’t even look twice at him.

2. Don’t let her leave looking crazy

You’re faker than fake if you let your bestfriend leave the house looking reckless. Make sure her edges are laid and her outfit is cute.

3. Bad men habits

Don’t let her make the same mistakes twice with a man. No, you’re not her mother, but you do know what she’s been through and for that you owe it to her to call her out if she’s making a dumb decision.

4. Frenemies

Your besties enemies are also your enemies, without a question.

5. Support

You’ll probably be her biggest supporter when there’s no bae and her parents don’t support her dreams of becoming a musician.

6. Let her have her own life

Don’t get too involved with her personal life unless she asks. Although it is good to help her with some things, you can’t shelter her.

7. Families are integrated

You treat your besties family like your own.

8. Inside jokes

These are only for you two.  (It probably won’t be funny to them anyway.)

9. Be there when it matters

A best friend must show up when you need her most.

10. Always turn up

DTF! always. You gotta be able to go from 0-100 whether you’re keying a ex’s car or heading to the club.

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