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by Adana Tillman

This past weekend I was fortunate enough to attend the Girl Power Sleepover hosted by Glam University and it was nothing short of amazing! In my opinion, any woman trying to become successful in her career needs a supportive network and that is exactly what Glam University provided.  You could call it a conference but I would use the term “conference” loosely, as it was more a large scale meet-up of your best girlfriends sharing their secrets to success. Breakout sessions were offered ranging from credit counseling to brand building featuring industry leaders for an educational experience of how to grow, sustain and reach our professional goals.


The highlight was keynote speaker Sophia Amoruso founder of Nasty Gal and author of #GirlBoss. Women were lined out the door to hear Amoruso speak of her personal journey in becoming a leader in her industry with her relatable persona and chill girl vibe.  She took the stage without her signature raven black bob but in shoulder length blonde tresses dressed in a Nasty Gal studded leather jacket, fishnets and rhinestone flats from her new collaboration with Courtney Love (debuting Jan.14th). #Pynkgirls love her down to earth attitude and hustle mentality both of which undoubtedly contributed to her massive success. One piece of advice that she left the audience with was the importance of loyalty. She attributed much of her success to loyalty to her team and vice versa. What does the #Girlboss have next for us? The answer: Nasty Galaxy… a coffee table book full of humorous essays, life tidbits told in the voice of THE Nasty Gal herself. Slated for a November release, it’s guaranteed to be just as entertaining as her first book.



The day continued on with other amazing women such as Sabrina Petersen who hosted the event and Karen Civil of who spoke about how she built her brand and achieved her goals on her own terms. Arnita Johnson of the Credit n’ Cupcakes seminar mixed knowledge and humor, to educate those wanting to rebuild their credit both personally and professionally. Mahisha Dellinger, CEO of Curls Beauty Brands was another inspiring woman in business offering her advice on how to “power through the NO’s”. Determination, resilience and a thick skin were Dellinger’s three must-haves for success in business.


Kudos to Sabrina Peterson, founder of Glam University and the Girl Power Sleepover. Her dedication to providing resources to women to create the careers they deserve and live the lives they dream of is to be commended. To be in the company of all of these pretty. powerful. and provocative. women, sharing their stories of success to inspire others, made this an event not to be missed.


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