Goapele guest stars on “Mann & Wife” and Talks Fearlessness & Motherhood


Ever since, Music Supervisor  Paris Davis introduced the  vocals of Goapele to the world through the song, Closer in the Billie Woodruff- directed film Honey, the alluring soul and R & B singer has been a driving motivational force for  many women and dream chasers.  Her captivating new song, “Strong as Glass” is a global women’s anthem penned by Estelle and Omari Hardwick.  “Strong as Glass” is  empowering women to not just rise and be strong but to also be gentle to ourselves and  be conscious of our personal limits and breaking points  (we all have them and that’s okay).  In addition, today all of Goapele’s fans can get a glimpse of her as the South African and Israeli rooted- beauty guest stars on Bounce TV’s Mann & Wife.  Ahead of her appearance, Goapele talked to Pynk about acting,  balancing her career, motherhood and why she thinks fearlessness. She also shared tips on how to  re-group when we feel burned out or broken at times.


Make sure you tune in to Bounce TV tonight as  Goapele guest stars as a  dynamic music teacher who is auditioning Terri (Lauryn Kennedy Hardy) for their school’s talent showcase on an all new episode of Mann & Wife. The ethereal-sounding, Vocalist says that she was really excited to work with legendary Gospel singer and actress Tamela Mann.  “Ive always listened to her beautiful music and it was so motivational watching her on set ” begins Goapele.  “It was a nice environment and she was really warm, laid-back and professional.  I picked up a few things from her.”


Goapele says that she’s been delving more into acting and enjoys the process. “TV is something that Ive been interested in for a while.  Its a new experience but I’m excited about it.  I got to work with Ava Duvernay on a short  (The Door) a while back and I’m in a short film coming out soon entitled,  “Where is Beauty” which talks about how we view ourselves and how we define ourselves in the world of social media.”  As Goapele navigates through her busy music career she shares  that she’s had to learn how to balance motherhood and her career by maintaining a support system. “I’m thankful that my daughter’s father  has allowed me to do what I do because that really makes a difference. I do believe a woman can have it all.  I think its possible to be a great mother,partner and have a successful career. I like that more women are doing this. The biggest thing for me has been having a strong support network. Her (Goapele’s daughter) father being there and having a flexible work schedule helps.  We are able to work around each other’s schedules.  His family and my family step in and give a lot of support as well.  I think its okay to be vulnerable and  ask for support when you need it.  It’s something more  women have to do because it’s not easy. Also I make it a priority to be present when I am with my daughter because there are those moments when I am on the road and away from my family so when I am there I really make sure I’m fully present,” she shared.


Goapele incorporates all those feeling of vulnerability in her new song, “Strong as Glass” saying, “The song was written by Estelle and Omari Hardwick and its one of the first songs that I recorded and didn’t write but when I first heard the demo I just had chills and it spoke to how I feel a lot as a woman.  It spoke to me because a lot of moments I feel like I can take on the world and other times I feel taken for granted and breakable.  We have strength and vulnerability in all of us as women and people don’t always know whats going on and how we’re holding everything together.  The moments I felt like I could break are the times when I feel sadness because I lost a loved one.  Sometimes I feel that way from being on the road and working  for really long hours and having to collect the energy required to put on a great show and still trying to be the best mom, partner and entrepreneur. It’s a process having to re-group.”


Goapele’s re-grouping mechanism includes just taking care of herself physically. She said “Sometimes it means just slowing the day down, being in a quiet room meditating for a few minutes or just calling home or a call to a friend to just kind of vent.  Meditation, eating well, relaxing breathing and walking outdoors helps me a lot. When asked about what her think pynk motto is, Goapele says she thinks “fearlessness,”  “Because a lot of times when I feel like I’m being challenged by something that’s pushing  me to grow I feel fearful and it starts making me doubt moving forward and moving through that fear has gotten me where I am.  Ive gotten to do so many things that I enjoy by pushing past my fears and I’ve been able to make an impact by releasing my fears and being fearless.”


Check out the clip  from Goapele’s appearance on Mann & Wife.  Make sure you Tune in this Tuesday, May 10th at 9pm ET/8pm CT on Bounce TV. Don’t forget to keep up with Goapele on her social media. “Strong as Glass” is now available in I -Tunes.

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