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Grammy Week Recap- Mc Lyte Presents “Celebration of Firsts”

Dorinda Walker, Kelly Price, MC Lyte, Estelle, Vivian Scott Chew, Phylicia Fant 02

On February 11th, the Hip Hop Sisters Foundation honored singers Kelly Price and Estelle, for all their achievements in music and in the hip hop community.  Founded by Mc Lyte, the Hip Hop Sisters is a non-profit foundation that promotes positive images of women of ethnic diversity, bringing leaders together from the world of Hip Hop, the entertainment industry, and the corporate world.

Pynk was so honored to attend this luncheon that also, included a “womans inspired” panel discussing aspects of progression as a woman in the industry. The panel was moderated by Dorinda Walker(VP of Consumer Strategy & Key Initiatives at Prudential) and featured Estelle(Singer/Songwriter), Kelly Price(Singer/Songwriter), Vivian Scott Chew(Owner of Timezone International), Phylicia Fant( VP of Publicity & Lifestyle Strategy at Warner Music Group), and Mc Lyte(Rapper, Host, Actress, Philanthropist ). Each woman told their story on how it all started and how the music industry made an impact on their lives.  Kelly Price and Estelle were both given awards for the changes and impacts they’ve made in the music industry. See photos below.

Photo Credit: Koi Sojer

MC Lyte 16

Vivian Scott Chew, Kelly Price, MC Lyte, Dorinda Walker, Lynn Richardson, Estelle, Phylicia Fant 01

Kelly Price, MC Lyte, Estelle 02

Phylicia Fant, Dorinda Walker, Vivian Scott Chew 02

Dorinda Walker, Kelly Price, MC Lyte, Estelle, Vivian Scott Chew, Phylicia Fant 02

Kelly Price, MC Lyte, Lynn Richardson, Estelle 02

Kelly Price, Estelle 05

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