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Hair Closures: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly


Keeping your hair healthy is everyone’s goal. That’s why we look for alternatives for hair like protective styling. Hair weaves or extensions are the most popular. Giving us the feel of our hair without damaging our own hair.

Now they have closures, so that all of your hair is covered and you will still have the look of a natural scalp. They have silk based, lace, full frontal, free part and more. Sounds alluring doesn’t it? However, if you do not get this done properly it will look all wrong. Here are five reasons we love it and five reason we don’t.

The Good
1- Having all your hair braided and giving it a good rest.

2- Natural looking part (like your scalp showing) before ladies would get a traditional sewn in with no hair left out. Most likely end up with a bang.

3- You don’t have to keep pressing or worrying about your hair being damaged or reversing to blend in your weave.

4- Closures allow you to get any type of hair textures that all flows in.

5- You don’t have to worry about your leave out blowing up on a windy day, exposing your track. Come on we all have been there lol!

The bad and the ugly
1- Closures are not for everyone (The plain truth )

2- Can tend to look like a wig.

3- Bleaching or extreme plucking on the closure can result in disaster.

4- The tightness of a closure being sewn in can result in hair loss. A closure needs to be sewn flat and secure on the head.

5-The growing out stage: it will shift back and depending on your hair line or texture you will have to get it done over quickly.

We request that you seek a professional when getting any type of hair service done and do your research.




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