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Haitian Descendant’s To Be ‘Quick Deported’ From Dominican Republic



Over the weekend, news spread that the Dominican Republic government was going to take action this week and possibly deport over 100,000 DR citizens because they are of Haitian decent. Yesterday (June15), residents across DR stood in line in a last-minute effort to secure their residency in the country in order to avoid “quick deportation.” Some of these people have lived most of their lives in DR, but are still not qualified for legal residency―under a law passed last year aimed at regulating the migration of workers who have long flowed across the border from Haiti.

The Nation reported that within the week, hundreds of thousands of residents will be stripped of their living rights and become stateless. While mainstream media is reporting everything from Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy to celebrity gossip, the urgency of this information has not been on the forefront of the news.

DR Government Statement:

“As of the 17th, hundreds of thousands of Haitians and Dominican-Haitians here will be rendered stateless and eligible for summary detention and deportation. The Dominican government maintains that they will not delay implementation of the law, despite pressure from the US, the UN, the OAS, and the Pope.”

  • The government also announced last week that they do not intend to deport those who have already registered for legalization. However, I am documenting dozens of personal accounts from Dominican-Haitians who have gone to great lengths to register, some as much as 8-9 months ago, and as of today have not received any type of confirmation that their paperwork has even been processed. Without confirmation, they are still eligible for deportation. This does not even consider the hundreds of thousands of others who lack birth certificates and thus could not register in the first place. – Via The Nation

Photo Credit(s): The Nation & Ryot News

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