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Happy Birthday MJ: Michael Jackson’s Most Swoon-Worthy Candids


Michael Jackson At MeadowlandsHappy birthday to the King Of Pop, Michael Jackson. From the Jackson 5 to turning solo and completely changing the dynamics of pop music, the legendary singer broke records with his songs and more importantly went down in history as the most idolized icon of our generation.

As music comes and goes and artists come in and out of the spotlight there are a few that remain in the hall of fame. After 40 years of back breaking artistry, Michael Jackson became one of the most internationally known icons in the world. If the seamless way that he embraced every era of music without changing his own style wasn’t enough, Michael’s vinyls are still worth prices out of this world and his estate still annually grosses millions of dollars a year. But aside from all the money he’s worth, the pop star has made timeless music—incomparable to any artist before him.

Hits like “Beat It,” “Thriller” and “Man In the Mirror” still send chills up our spines and make us want to dance. His dance moves are constantly replicated and have inspired some of our generations’ greats like Usher, Chris Brown and Omarion. His spirit lives on through his fans, his family and music culture everywhere in the world. With his high waters and white tube socks, MJ glided through the music industry and completely changed the way we once understood pop sounds. In honor of the music legends’ birthday, here are 22 of his most amazing performance shots to swoon over.

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