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Happy Birthday Mr. Shabazz: 11 Of Malcolm X’s Most Powerful Quotes


Malcolm X

Although his methods may have been outlandish and unusual, we can never deny the change and progress that occurred when the late Malcolm X was in charge. The 1960’s birthed the age of rebellion and the most important movement in black history—the Civil Rights Movement.

Malcolm X, born Malcolm Little, was a Muslim minister and a civil rights activist; feared by the nations’ justice system and highly respected by the nations’ citizens. In June 1953, he was named assistant minister of the Nation’s Temple Number One in Detroit. The following year, he was selected to lead Temple Number 7 in Harlem where he began to really shake up the federal justice system.

With a strong desire to better the black community, Malcolm X knew that he had to lead his fellow brothers and sisters into this next chapter in history. Fearless and ambitious with boycotts, sit-ins, protests and marches, Malcolm X ventured on a journey to redemption by any means necessary.

Many people may have disagreed with his ways, but you cannot deny the dedication and love that he had for his culture and his people. In honor of the civil rights hero’s birthday, PYNK has compiled 11 of his best quotes from the 60’s.

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