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Happy Birthday Missy Elliott: 5 Reasons Why Misdemeanor Is Top 5


Photo of Missy ELLIOT

Happy birthday, Missy!

The conversation of who’s on your top 5 is always a controversial and heated topic to discuss, but when it comes to naming music legends; Missy Elliott always seems to be a mention on any hip hop aficianados list.

1990 birthed some of the greatest talents to ever be a part of hip hop culture and Misdemeanor is definitely one of those influencers who still holds star power today. Missy showed up at last years’ Superbowl and people nearly lost their minds, proving that the rapstress is still relevant after 25 years of being in the industry.

Hits like, “The Rain,” “Hot Boyz,” “Work It,” and so many more continue to blast throughout our speaker systems on any given throwback Thursday. And when the DJ’s of our favorite radio stations are in the mood to play some classics from the past, Missy definitely holds a large percentage of those tracks. On her special 44th day, we’d like to celebrate the queen of hip hop with our top 5 reasons why she’s one of PYNK’s top 5 dead or alive MC’s.

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Watch one of the Missy’s fan favorites:

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