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Here Are the Winter Must-Haves for Your Closet!


The flurry, chilly cold season is here and for those of us who don’t like the cold the one thing we look forward to is winter fashion.  I was so happy to  here that a  flashback from the past will be incorporated in some of the trends for  the season. “This  season it’s about simplicity,eras from the past and fabric. Fashion Designer and Stylist Ola Hawatmeh stopped by Pynk magazine  to share with our news and entertainment writer, Abesi which pieces she and all of us  need in our closet.


Pynk/Abesi: So tell us what fabric and pieces I need this winter.

Ola:  So the great thing about the change of seasons is that you didn’t necessarily have to get a new wardrobe.  You just need  specific pieces to incorporate into your wardrobe.  It’s always great to mix it up. Old school suede, velvet, faux fur sequence and multi-colored furs and leather is what we’re going to start with. When you think of these fabrics together it makes you think of a 60’s movie right. Well they are in and hot! The  question is how to incorporate this trend into your wardrobe?

Coats 1960s










Leopard print coats are  a big trend this season although I would like  to think leopard print never really went out. Faux fur  leopard print in different print sizes, colors or length it’s all in and  a must have. The  designer that helped this print have a come back was the  Italian designer Dries  Van  Noten. Wasn’t long after that Given Hh and  Prada embraced the  print in their runway as well. Celebrities wearing Leopard coats: Elizabeth Taylor in the  60’s,, Kate Moss, and  First  Lady Michelle Obama

Knee length suede, leather  slit skirts 1970s



From 60s to 70s when you  think of suede or leather knee length we tend to think black or brown. The  only difference between this 70’s trend and  2016/2017 trend is color! More colors than you  can  imagine and  all are  in. It’s about fabric and  cut. This  trend hit  the runway in 2016  fashion week season making it a top  fall/winter wardrobe necessity.

Bold Shoulder blazers and tops 1980s



Let’s move up a decade to the  80s bringing . back the  bold  shoulder look. This  look became popular on the  runways of Fashion week throughout the  world from Milan, to Paris, to New York and  London. Top designers such Saint Laurent, Dolce  Gabbana, and Givenchy made this look part of their 2016  collection. Every closet for fall/winter needs a Bold  shoulder neutral color blazer, to get a lot of wear out  of and  to mix and  match with

other outfits. Also a few  dress tops with bold  shoulders for events or just a simple night out  for that trendy look. I would pair  a tucked in dress top  with a knee length slit  skirt and  either stilettos or fun  boots . Celebrities who have made this trend part of their

fall/winter wardrobe are,  Kim  Kardashian, Samantha Jones,  and  the  1980s actress known best for the  look Joan Collins

Pinstripe suits 1920s


No matter your shape or size anyone can  pull  off a pinstripe suit. Fitted, wide leg, sleeveless, skirt or pants they are  all hot  this season. Nothing speaks confidence like  a woman in a pinstripe suit. The  pinstripe originated in the  1920s and  was an eye stopper. This  flashy suit was worn by businessmen, famous actors, and  anyone with a hunger to be different and  have fun  with their fashion. This  trend has  come to life in 2016  for woman! Yes a must have in every female wardrobe.

You can keep up with Ola Hawatmeh on her website.





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