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Home Alone: The Ultimate Lonely-Girl Holiday Guide



Being home alone on the holiday’s is probably one of the worst feelings. Especially the holiday’s that are soon approaching. Thanksgiving passed last month, but we still have Christmas, New Years and Valentine’s Day; which are definitely the absolute worst holiday’s to be a loner on. But fear no more. Don’t go to a bar and embarrass yourself and certainly don’t hit up an ex for entertainment. Maybe this is a great opportunity to treat yourself to some relaxing and healthy “me time.”

Women tend to think, that they need to constantly be surrounded by people around this time of year. They think that it’s typical and societally acceptable to be either visiting their own family or their significant others’ family, but we don’t live in a perfect world and you don’t have to settle for a decal bae. To avoid puffy eyes and binge eating, here are 10 productive things you can do to avoid feeling lonely during the holiday season.


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