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How To Avoid An Expensive New Years Party: 5 Things To Do Instead



Last year I went to an expensive New Years party and ruined my white Chanel pants. Year before last I failed at the attempt to watch the ball drop at Times Square and shorty after, went to an expensive party. This year, I’ve decided to try something new.

Everyone is trying to find the moves and prepare for the big new year to come. Although parties are fun and the clubs are always super packed on New Years, maybe a resolution this year would be to spend more frugally. What better time is there to start this new habit than on New Years Eve. Every year people pay hundreds of dollars due to FOMO—Fear of missing out. Don’t be a victim of these over hyped and temporary “unforgettable nights.” It’s okay to lower your turn up expectations for one day.

You probably haven’t made plans yet and are considering taking the easy route by joining a friends’ plans of your cliche holiday celebration. Don’t settle! You don’t have to go to some fancy hotel party to enjoy New Year.

So watch the ball drop on TV and just relax with friends and family. Save some money this year—instead of buying an expensive ticket for a couple of hours of open bar, throw your own shindig or choose one of these awesome alternatives.


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