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How To Get Healthy Through Cleansing: Celebrity Cleansing Expert Explains


Top Celebrity Herbalist and Nutritionist, A.D Dolphin has helped his  clients  become healthy and lose  tremendous weight through cleansing methods and an attainable realistic diet.  He is now sharing his tips on how to lose weight, be healthy  and  cleanse out those toxins in our body that prevent us from being our best selves, physically mentally and emotionally!


There are so many reasons that most people are not able to live their  healthiest lives ever.  A healthy life isn’t just about trim waistlines and trendy diets either.  Good health is:  thinking at your best ability, being emotionally balanced, happy and having the energy and drive to  succeed  in your endeavors.  It’s very difficult to operate at your highest potential when you just don’t feel good.  Your internal health affects your external happiness and everyday life.  As the CEO of DHerbs, “Cleansing” Expert and Celebrity Herbalist, A.D. Dolphin’s  cleansing method has helped transform the lives of his high profile clientele. His exclusive list of clients include Emmy Award-Winning Actress Niecy Nash,  Singer BrandySherri Shepherd, Steve Harvey, Top Publicist, Monique Jackson, Garcelle Beauvais, Anthony Anderson,  and TV One host Roland Martin, to name a few.

D Herbs clients have a healthy regiment to thank for their beauty & youthful looks.

D Herbs clients have a healthy regiment to thank for their beauty & youthful looks.

Dolphin is ready to transform the lives of people in all walks of lives and has the solution to cleaning OUT the clutter, junk, and mess inside your body so that you can  become the healthiest YOU possible.  With his “Spring Cleaning Method“Dolphin explains the importance of getting rid of all the bad pollutants slowing you down and causing you to gain weight in the process.  “A Full Body Cleanse can contribute to helping your body achieve a balanced pH level, assisting with the expulsion of toxins in your bloodstream, aiding your mucous membranes in clearing out clogged or excess deposits, and boosting your digestive system’s ability to clear out any fecal matter or other waste that’s built up in your colon. When your body’s ability to filter out the sheer number of toxins that have been inundating it is strengthened, this can aid your immune system.” Dolphin explains that sometimes our lack of energy is directly related to an imbalanced diet that lacks what we need the most and that’s fruits, vegetables, and a normal functioning body not containing excessive toxins that debilitate our everyday functionalities.

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“Every day, your body takes in a lot of toxins, pollutants, and potentially infectious agents. Sources of these substances can include processed foods, household cleaning supplies, beauty products, pesticides, radiation, airborne pathogens, unfiltered water, smoke, air pollution, and a plethora of other possible irritants. Taking the Cleanse can help to reduce the number and amount of these toxins currently in your various bodily systems, metaphorically helping you to wipe your body’s slate clean and start over from a much healthier, cleaner, clearer place.

The human body is an efficient machine with the ability to cleanse itself naturally. Over time, however, our society has developed new technologies that process food for longer shelf life, imbue our produce with pesticides, fill our air with pollutants, and fill our homes with toxic cleaning products, as well as allowing chemicals to leach into our water supply. This isn’t even taking into account pollen and airborne biological contaminants. All of this can tax your body’s ability to continue filtering out toxins by itself.  The Full Body Cleanse is an excellent approach to helping your body deal with this excessive amount of foreign substances currently attempting to pollute your lungs, colon, liver, and kidneys, as well as your bloodstream and the rest of your body’s systems and organs.”  Check out the benefits of  Dherbs 20 day full body cleanse and go to the  website for recommendations on superfoods that are essential to keeping you healthy.

  • 20 Day all-natural program to detoxify, rejuvenate, and strengthen the body and all of its eliminative channels*
  • Works to release necessary weight (10-30lbs)*
  • Helps to enhance the immune system*
  • Helps improve skin complexion*
  • Works to increase energy levels*
  • Promotes a more positive outlook on life*
  • Supports normalized and regulated body functions*
  • Helps clear the mind*
  • Works to eradicate sugar and junk food cravings*
  • Helps to maintain healthy libido and circulation*


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