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Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following: Ashanti Dixon!

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Ashanti Dixon is a woman of many hats. She is a Temple University Alumni with a bachelor’s degree in Advertising and wants the world to know that she isn’t just a model. Being apart of our series Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following was a given for @ashantidixon_. Modeling was introduced to Ashanti at a young age and now has become one of her passions in the world of fashion! Her powerful presence has gotten her into countless fashion shows in New York Fashion Week and even apart from the Food Network’s ‘Great Food Truck Race.’

“Once you find your way into the industry, you can’t stop.” 

Before getting her BA in Advertising, Ashanti to study abroad in London. For a semester the model was inspired by the culture and knew that modeling was something that she was not going to give up. Ashanti reveals “I had decided that when I got back to the states I was going for everything that I thought I couldn’t do. No more excuses, if you want it to go and get it.” With her tenacious attitude, Ashanti decided that modeling was going to be her main focus. The model gives you a glimpse on her YouTube channel, Wanna Be Model as she showcases what it’s like to go on go-sees and deal with the competitiveness of the fashion industry while keeping a good spirit. Innately, Ashanti has the drive to take over the fashion industry. She says that “Once you find your way into the industry, you can’t stop.” The lights, camera, and the runway is Ashanti’s playground!

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Although Ashanti knows how to work the camera and its angels, she has experience behind the camera as well. Including working with various fashion production and PR agencies in New York. Ashanti explains “New York Fashion Week is so unique and spontaneous, the possibilities feel endless. One minute you could be walking in a show held in a museum and the next, working a show featuring Coco Rocha.” Her versatility in the advertising industry and fashion industry gives Ashanti the duality to be able to work with all kinds of individuals. She describes Fashion Week as “magical, you really never know what could happen next.”

“Once you find your way into the industry, you can’t stop.”

The genuine energy of Dixon has opened doors for many opportunities. Ashanti is a student of the fashion and entertainment industry which is one of the things that sets her apart. She explains “Everything is a learning experience, it’s all about being flexible.” Making so many connections throughout her career Ashanti was contacted by a good friend to be on the Food Networks ‘Great Food Truck Race’. With her BA in Advertising, Ashanti was able to design the actual food truck using her graphic design experience and helped to create the menu that thousands enjoyed. She describes her experience as unreal as she traveled throughout the US, learning about different cultures that she encountered on the show.

From a young age, Ashanti’s mother always instilled the fact that no one and nothing can stop her and that mindset has continued to help her to this day. As well as putting her trust in God and knowing that he has a plan for her. Some of her inspiration also comes from Kanye West, whose creativity and individuality in the music industry helps keep her inspired on a daily basis. Outside of the modeling industry, the Food Network was a groundbreaking moment for her!  She follows her dreams always remembering to trust the vision, her mantra that she follows. So click the follow button because @ashantidixon_ is someone you should be following and yes ladies, she is #PYNKGirlApproved!


Photos courtesy of Ashanti Dixon.

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