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Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following: Deborah Lynn!

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Social media is a huge part of our lives today, it is where we connect with like-minded individuals, our source of inspiration and the fastest way to get our news! As a Pynk Exclusive this week, we will be providing you with a several Instagram accounts that we all should be following if we are not already. These women exemplify tenacity, confidence, and they embody authenticity.


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Photo from @deborahlynnpr

Our first of the Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following: The Mini Series is with Deborah Lynn, a Publicist, and Brand Manager. She studied at Temple University, voted as one of the Best Colleges in America in 2018 by We recently talked to Deborah to discuss her Instagram and her impact on social media. Equally important, her natural ability to connect with others showcase why her passion for building brands is a perfect fit Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following: The Mini-Series, especially in a time were entrepreneurship is at an all-time high. As a result, her motivation to persevere was the day she debuted her logo. Deborah humbly explains the success of her rollout, “I didn’t realize that I had that much of a platform.”

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Photo from @deborahlynnpr



Furthermore, Deborah Lynn stands by her strong work ethic knowing that in order to be successful you have to work hard to play hard. She reveals that “I always knew that my resume is what mattered most— I was making sure that I was interning, networking, and doing things to put myself out there.” While building her connections, Deborah knew that she had to make her stamp as a publicist and brand manager. Deborah expresses that “she wants to be one of the faces of the entertainment industry in Philadelphia.” The city of brotherly love is a melting pot of so many creatives but lacks the solid foundation that these artists need to build on. Due to this– Deborah coined herself as the dot connector, “this will be the year that I am proving myself and showcasing my results.” With this in mind, the brand manager’s innate ability to help others that she believes in upholds her genuineness.



Together with networking, Deborah is constantly on the road, spending nights in NY, Atlanta, and in Philly— her passion for PR comes first. Deborah pointed out that “this year I bought a planner rather than taking mental notes” as she explains some of the struggles she faces balancing her personal and professional life. For this reason, Deborah states that “I always put work first, if someone were to say that I have an opportunity in New York tonight— I will be there.” Her drive keeps everyone on their toes wondering what Deborah Lynn is going to be apart of next. She is also mindful of the energy and time she puts into her daily schedule. Due to this, the brand manager explains that “I’ll check myself if I am engaging in too much gossip or if I am spending too much money on buying clothes—  anything that doesn’t benefit me in the long run.” With this intention, taking accountability is the Publicist top priority.


In essence, Deborah explains that she wants to “bring more to the table, creating more content” in 2018.  Deborah reveals that she just added two photographers to her team that’ll capture content for her Instagram. Ultimately, Instagram is a vessel for Deborah Lynn and a way to connect with her audience. She describes her Instagram as appealing, strategic, and under construction, because of the upcoming content, she will be revealing in 2018. Follow Deborah Lynn on Instagram at @deborahlynnpr as she takes the stage, front and center of the Branding and Public Relations industry. That’s all for today’s Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following: The Mini-Series, make sure you click that follow button!

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