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Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following: Hadiiya Barbel

Photo courtesy of @hadiiyabarbel

Our series Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following is coming to end and what better way to end it with Hadiiya Barbel, also known as @hadiiyabarbel on Instagram. This is a woman of limitless talent with energy that will captivate you! Recently, PYNK had the honor of speaking to Hadiiya to discuss her creativity, passion in women’s care, and her lovely spirit as it transcends through hair!

Coming from the beauty industry, Hadiiya has always had a passion for helping women. As this became an ongoing thing, the artisan always knew that she would have to evolve and develop as an individual. The dancing hair goddess says, “I always been able to transform lives with my artwork and through changing people’s looks.” She takes pride in uplifting women and empowering others with her innate energy.

Photo courtesy of @hadiiyabarbel

Photo courtesy of @hadiiyabarbel

One of the reasons why the Emmy winning Hair Artist is so fulfilled is because she is open to what the universe has to offer.  Hadiiya believes that Instagram is a platform to express yourself. The founder of @goddessgloup explains “social media gives us that platform to be free and to have our own show.” Often times she has been seen on her Instagram hula hooping, a form of healing that the dancer loves to do. She mentions that “Dancing is all about moving energy, tapping into a magical world of freedom.” Her spirit is undoubtedly inspiring to so many around the world. Dancing is a quick way to get out of your head as it also helps with anxiety, depression, and keeps the blood flowing.

Through her social presence online, Hadiiyah began to see the impact of her calling. Barbel points out that, “My work started to shift, more people became affected by my honesty. I became more of that.” With the world watching, the healer embraced her power and outlet. She knew that there was more to life and women’s work is where she began to expand. With the general need for self-care, healing, and removing darkness in negativity, Hadiiya knew she would flourish.

From a young age, the CEO naturally loved to change her looks and was drawn to the spirit that came along with her transformation. She knew that she could shift her energy and personas. Depending on how she presented herself, Hadiiya would embody that character. The goddess believes, “It’s really about the way the spirit moves through me. If I feel like being wild and free, I would have my lioness hair.” The Director of ARAYA Wig Studio/Academy keeps people on their toes as she teaches, educates, and presents some of the units on her IG. Her versatility keeps people guessing and interested in her work.  

“women’s work is my work”

Photo courtesy of @hadiiyabarbel

Photo courtesy of @hadiiyabarbel

Hadiiya is now expanding and growing in the women’s care field. She states, “Women’s care and wellness, and women’s work is my work.” The intuitive healer is fully going into the healing space and making it her priority. She believes that it is perfectly fine to develop in other areas of interest and passion. Hadiiya is the founder of @goddesgloup and expresses that everyone should “Allow themselves to expand and be without limitations.” Choosing happiness comes first for the multifaceted powerful women. Being spiritually connected will allow for possibilities to become endless. Hadiiya is definitely someone who you should be following on Instagram. That is a wrap for our exclusive on Hadiiya, connect with her at the Goddess Glo Up event on April 28th in DC! #PYNKGirlApproved

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