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Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following: Monique Doughty RN BSN!

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The point of our series, Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following is to spread light to women who are making an impactful difference. Monique Doughty is a Traveling Nurse whose job is to save lives! As a matter of fact, the RN BSN is a full-time Critical Care Travel Nurse who makes her job look like a piece of pie, as she runs her business The Resilient Nurse. From a young age, Monique was aware that her ultimate goal was to get out of Philadelphia and explore the world. Given that, the strong-willed nurse always finds a way to our hearts by helping everyone whether it is on her website, or her helpful YouTube channel Nurse Mo TV. In fact, the channel answers all of the questions aspiring Nurses or women, in general, inquire about. @iamnursemo is clearly someone who you should be following!

Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 6.57.58 AM  Nurse Mo  describes her Instagram to be “fun, unapologetic, and real.” In reality, she likes to post what she’s feeling “I post what I feel like girls need to hear.” Her authenticity will captivate you as she keeps it sincere. The Traveling Nurse expresses “Women need to see relatable women and realize that we are not always perfect.” Her vitality makes it easy for women all over the world to flood her DM’s with questions they know she will answer candidly. Monique wants all the aspiring nurses to know what they are dealing with, “It’s not just about being a pretty girl with cute scrubs on— it’s twelve hours of mental and physical abuse sometimes.” Together with her website and Instagram, when aspiring nurses reach out to Monique for guidance, she offers a very real perspective. Ladies, you must be ready to give up yourself and tap into somebody’s else’s life and be selfless for a little bit. The raw and powerful perspective is the reason why she is an icon and mentor to so many women today.

In the light of saving lives, it is essential to take care of yourself. Self-care is number one and Monique reveals that “When I get up in the morning I meditate. I dedicate 5 minutes to myself.” Mentally taking a break from the outside world to regroup is important to the full-time RN/BSN and entrepreneur. By all means, Monique takes pride in self-care, even reserving beauty days to treat herself. Doughty says, “Instead of placing a tv across from my bed, I have a mural on my wall that basically talks about self-love and how everything is going to be okay.” Let’s take notes ladies!

“when I get up in the morning I meditate. I dedicate 5 minutes to myself.”

With the new year in full effect, Monique is still striving to become a better person. For one thing, the Travel Nurse’s best-loved mantra is “I need to heal myself before I heal the world.” While simultaneously saving lives, Monique has traveled to at least 7 different countries last year including Abu Dhabi, London, Amsterdam, and Toronto to name a few. As a result, Monique offers a great deal of travel information on her website and on her YouTube channel, Nurse Mo TV. For this reason, she points out that “If you can afford a couple of bottles in the club or a Gucci bag then travel, it’s inexpensive.” Monique is an advocate for solo traveling and wandering the world. She reveals that “So many people don’t travel because of fear— fear is so limiting and so useless.” On the positive side, we can all take her advice and visit her website for more tips. For instance, Nurse Mo suggest that we should take extensive time researching and planning our trips.


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Health has always been an important part of Monique’s life. She explains that “What you put into your body is a direct reflection of what comes out of your body.” For this reason, Monique makes conscious and informed choices about her diet. Growing up, her father was diagnosed with Diabetes. As a result, Monique’s whole family was aware of their diet moving forward. Although Monique is far from Philly, she keeps herself grounded every day by talking to her family after difficult shifts. “One of the things that I have is family and an amazing support system, I always call my mom or my dad and ask them about their day. It takes me out of my head and helps me to relax.” Working full-time and running her own business can be challenging but the innovator has changed the face of healthcare in media with her success of her brand.

“you can expect more powerful merchandise that everyone can relate to”

This year, The Resilient Nurse is going to move very purposefully. Nurse Mo reveals that in 2018, she has a devoted team of four. Which is a relief for the founder because she was doing everything by herself for the last three years. In regards to her growing business, you can expect more powerful merchandise that’s relatable to all women. Monique expresses that “I want homes to smell amazing and I want people to be able to connect with a scent that represents resilience, tranquility, and peace.” Monique reveals in detail that her new candles will be in stores this year. As her business flourishes, the boss will be in 5 different cities and her goal is not only to reach nurses but all women. Monique Doughty is #PYNKGirlApproved with her pretty, provocative, and powerful resilience. Make sure you hit that follow button, Nurse Mo is someone you should be following!


Photos courtesy of Monique Doughty

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