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Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following: Sierra Holloman!

Image courtesy of @badasssie
Image courtesy of @badasssie

We are back with our second Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following: The Mini-Series! Today, we will be shedding light on Sierra Holloman also known as @badasssie on Instagram. She lives a colorful life and honorably deserves to be someone we all should be following! The driving force behind her success is Sierra’s innovative style. Sierra is on her way to the top with her star personality and we had the pleasure of talking to her about her future endeavors!

Image courtesy of @badasssie

Image courtesy of @badasssie

“I see things that the average person would not see.”

As an Image Consultant, Sierra has an eye for pieces that the average person wouldn’t spot online and in stores. With this in mind, Sierra’s style is far from regular and she does not miss a beat. The DC native takes pride in her eclectic style! You can spot Sierra out with her sister or in @wizzolx’s latest rollout for his fashion show, Flowers premiering in Maryland next month! Wherever Sierra is spotted, she is looking her best and has all of us wondering what’s next? Sierra went on to explain that, “I can’t speak for everyone else but my statement pieces is a leather jacket, an oversized hoodie, my nude lipstick, and my sunglasses.” The way she carries herself lets everyone know that Sierra is a powerhouse and  #PynkGirlApproved with her powerful sense of self and show-stopping style.  

In our exclusive interview with Sierra, we found out that in fact, 2018 will be a progressive year for Image Consultant! Sierra reveals that “from the beginning, as a little girl I always had a passion for fashion styling, I see different from the average person.” Due to her fearless nature, her innate ability to find trendsetting pieces reaffirms her provocativeness! In particular, we discovered that her business CopiCat Inc. will be launching this year. Sierra expresses that:


Image courtesy of @badasssie

Image courtesy of @badasssi

“ CopiCat came from people around me wanting to dress like me. Me being the person they admire in fashion in my daring ways. CopiCat Inc. is a styling brand which will blossom into other different things in the making like makeup.”


For one thing, experiencing new colors and styles, Sierra is a student to the fashion world that is constantly evolving. When asked who inspires her creativity, Sierra mentions that “I don’t have one particular person I admire. I have several different looks which are Rihanna, Rita Ora, & Kalhana Barfeild– their style is amazing.” Although that is where the Image Consultant gets her inspiration from, she mentions that “overall I do my own thing, and let my style speak for itself.” In view of her Instagram, Sierra describes her page as eclectic, colorful, and stylish which is more than enough reasons why you should hit that follow button!

Since there is so much anticipation for Sierra and her brand in 2018, she reveals that “2018 is definitely my year to myself in every aspect in my life, also it’s all about my brand CopiCat Inc. I’m expanding my brand into other areas in the fashion industry like makeup.” Given that, Sierra’s plans are already underway and we are here for it! The muse is pretty, provocative, and powerful– the Pynk girl way! Follow @badasssie on Instagram and look out for the launch of CopiCat Inc., know that Pynk Magazine will!

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