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Issa Card Mania: ‘Tis the Season for Games and Trivia



Ho, Ho, Ho! It’s that time of the year again; Christmas is rapidly approaching closer and closer each day, and the New Year is right around the corner. This time is super important for family and friends and gatherings with food, some wine will do, and a whole lot of laughter. You might be struggling with this year’s gift list also, but these cool card games could be used as a guide for even a stocking stuffer; if nothing else will do this may assist your tough decision-making. These choices are easier than pie; games and trivia are fun and challenging at the same time for all involved. Young or old, a good card game is hard to resist. This list of card games and trivia is even harder to resist; they’re also especially for all of us. Some ooze with melanin all through them and they represent the TV we watch, the eras we miss, music we love, and the people we’ve watched and admired; while they all give us a good time, inform us, could embarrass us, but most of all gives tons of laughter to remember. Take a sip and pick a card. The season is here, so host a get-together for the culture.


Cards for the Culture-

Fun, while these cards challenge your television, pop culture, trap, and 90s R&B knowledge. Creators, Jason and Rick Gray offer up free digital eBooks to enhance your “Cards for the Culture” lingo and sharpen your skill. They have built an entire empire, Republic & Co., on Card Trivia, starting with Martin; and since dropping most recently our go-to favorite, “Insecure.”


Cards For All People– Don’t get your BLACK CARD REVOKED!

As stated, an answer for the culturally curious; this is it. This deck of cards (either edition) will test your knowledge on cultural milestones and moments in our history. They’ll be laughter and some debate, for all people. In addition to just the “Black Card Revoked,” they offer “Gay: Original Flavor and the Black History Limited Edition (both sold out right now!), Latino, and Asian” card revoked (Wholesale Only), to name a few others. They are offer a deck for the ladies on their night out with, “Girls Night Out.” These sets of cards are genius for all audiences and the culturally curious.


Cards Against Humanity-

As already stated, what is Cards Against Humanity, a party game for horrible people. The game has been deemed simple and has also been described as despicable and awkward as you and your crew. Round for round, one player asks the question from a black card and the other players answer with their most hilarious and edgy white card.


Black Excellence-

The dopest spades game you’ve ever played, the all-new Black Excellence playing cards. This day forward you can upgrade your game of spades for the culture. The “My Cards” Black Excellence Edition playing cards is in celebration of Black women and men revealing them as queens and kings on the face of the original deck. This 54 card deck shows all many beautiful shades and acknowledges our many layers and strength within the pack. It’s a divine gift and also, a good time for family and friends. They’re only $7.99 on


Pull your card

Funded with Kickstarter, this 90-trivia card HIP HOP game is sure to WOW you. We all know someone that has tried to compete with us and try to prove they know more than we do when it comes to Hip Hop Music. You can shut them down with a little help from this trivia game. It allows you to have some fun and drop some knowledge. You don’t want them to pull your card!

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