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It Was All A Dream: ANE’s ‘Dreams’ Dives Into Imagination & Reality


Dreams are real.  Korean-American and New Jersey bred ANE is back with another smash for her new EP, ‘Bitan.’  The song is out of this world and the visual is fantasy drawn by the furturistic tone; directed by Kidz R Evil.  ANE spoke her opinion about her new heat:

“‘Dreams’ is an atypical song without a chorus. Instead, the song transitions from one verse to another. It’s not about anyone in particular. It’s a song that starts off in a dreamlike state of fantasy and escape. It transitions into the reality of the hustle and bustle in our everyday lives. The video uses clips from a 1980s Japanese science fiction, anime film called ‘Super Space Fortress Macross.”‘ – ANE


She also recently chatted with Inspirer about “Dreams” and everything else ANE.  Read some of what they spoke about regarding “Dreams” below:

Q: I really liked the aesthetic of your video “Dreams.” Between old-school anime cuts and space traveling themes, it was a synthesis of retro and futuristic styles. I hear that in your music too.

ANE: Yeah, mixing a lot of vintage and modern sounds. My roots are in old school R&B. I went through a big phase of listening to just that. I sang in some funk bands and cover bands. I originally tried to make my performances with a full band, completely like Motown. But as I progressed, I wanted to bring a more modern aspect. At the time I coined myself as a “digital Amy Winehouse.” I don’t think I’ve accomplished that, but it’s also become its own thing now.

Q: What life experiences did you draw from while creating BITAN?

ANE: This last one was centered around heartbreak. The growing pains of becoming a young woman, you know, feeling like I had to get my life together. You’ll hear this in the lyrics, like in “Dreams.” It captures my daily life, my hustle, how I try to be a successful woman and get my life together.

Photo Credit(s): ANE’s IG

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