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Jim Jones and Chrissy Lampkin are Headed Down the Aisle This Time With ‘Vow or Never’


Don’t lose hope on the couple just yet.  Jim and Chrissy are back and now it’s VOW OR NEVER!  Their on-again-off-again engagement has been displayed for the world to see for years since Love & Hip Hop: New York to Chrissy & Mr. Jones.  Rapper Jim Jones and longtime better half, Chrissy Lampkin are ready to take that leap down the aisle for good and the whole world is invited.  After 12  years together under their belt the pair move to Miami this go round to plan to finally tie the knot this time.  Jones wants to do it all on camera saying in the super trailer, “I want to do it for the world to see.”  The bride-to-be and Jones have history, but it will be nothing less than a rocky rollercoaster of love with Jim giving up his old lifestyle to settle down with family first; and with famous Mama Jones around.   The Harlem and New York City bred two spoke with Bossip recently and Chrissy gave her advice to other couples:

“I guess be lucky enough to meet somebody who gets you. To not have to try to be somebody else. Because when you do that, it doesn’t last long…Even then things can fall apart, people can grow apart. But I think if you start at a place of ‘this is who I am,’ and make each other better. I think that’s a good start.”


They also both share 10 things they love about one another on WE tv that keep the spark alive:


Jim on Chrissy

1. She’s my number one now and forever.

2. She can handle my jokes the best.

3. She’s always there for me when I need her to be.

4. She fights with my moms, but knows how much she means to me so she’ll let shit go.

5. She makes me laugh more than anybody.

6. She looks at me like nobody else does.

7. She knows me inside and out and knows how to keep me calm if I get mad.

8. She’s always got my back.

9. When I push things too far, she always knows when to put me in my place.

10. She can always be real with me. And, I can be 100% with her.


Chrissy on Jim

1. He helps me pick out something to wear once he sees me getting frustrated with it.

2. We laugh like best friends.

3. He wears cologne and clothes that he thinks I would like to see him in.

4. He still looks at me as if our relationship is new.

5. He always buys me the more expensive cars.

6. I love how much he loves his son.

7. He put on 30 pounds of muscle because he knows I like chest, back and arms.

8. He always has my back.

9. He cried just as hard as I did at my mom’s funeral and he had only known her for a short while.

10. He keeps me calm when I’m ready to blow a fuse.

Be sure to check out Jim & Chrissy: Vow or Never, the series premiere on WE tv on September 1st at 10:00 PM ET.

Will they finally make it down the aisle this time?  I hope so.


Photo Credit(s): Bossip, Vh1

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