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Kemetria Lilly Talks Using Rejection To Build a $3.5 Million Fashion Empire

Photo courtesy of Kemetria Lilly

When Kemetria Lilly was just 13 years old, she knew that she wanted to be a part of the world of fashion. She would tune into shows on MTV and absorb the fashion trends like a sponge. “I was just entering high school and all I cared about was fashion,” says the now successful boutique owner.

While she had dreams of being a teacher, there was just something about fashion that she could not shake from her system. “I would watch shows like, The Hills and The City, for their good fashion sense. Fashion became my life.”

Not one to waste time, Kemetria graduated from high school and entered into the University of Houston where she majored in business management and minored in entrepreneurship. Although she didn’t major in  fashion, she never erased the thought of being in the fast-paced field and she went after jobs that would get her closer to her reality. Unfortunately, she received more rejection than acceptance. “I was interested in being a buyer or visual merchandiser, but because I didn’t have the experience or didn’t major in fashion, they would close the door on me.”

Not one to let a door close without a key, Kemetria decided to take matters into her own hand and went into the world of fashion on her own terms. “Since the only job that was offered to me in fashion was retail, I figured if I’m going to work in retail it’s going to be my own retail business.” This is how Lilly’s Kloset was established.


Lilly’s Kloset is a stunning online website that features trendy fashions for women who love to look classy with an urban edge. I had the chance to visit the website and it was nothing short of amazing! The site is easy to use, the images are clear and uniformed and the shopping experience is straight to the point.  

“At Lilly’s Kloset, we provide more of an experience,” explains Kemetria. “We have a VIP program in which we reward our customers for shopping with us.” Another perk of shopping at Lilly’s Kloset is that you can shop your look from head to toe. “You can get everything from sunglasses to your shoes to help complete your look. It is a one-stop shop for fashion lovers like me.”

To date, the 30 years young entrepreneur  has proven that fashion flows through her blood. She has accomplished more than $3.5 million in sales in five years and her business just continues to grow. She credits her success to creating goals.

“To achieve my goals, I write everything out,” Kemetria shares. “I start with my main goals. Then I attach an achievement date. From there I break it down into small actions so I don’t get overwhelmed.”

Although Lilly’s Kloset is a place for the sassy and the classy to shop, Kemetria uses her platform not to just secure the bag, but to educate women on how they too can be entrepreneurs and achieve success.

“I use my platform to spread as much positivity as I possibly can,” she reflects. “When women come to my Instagram, I want them to be inspired not just by my fashion and style, but by a quote or a behind the scenes video.” She adds, “Whatever it is that gets them moving and ready to succeed, I plan to push women to their greatest potential.


Always willing to share in her abundance of knowledge, Kemetria shares with #PynkGirls a few tips for women who are interested in starting their own business:


Be transparent. People connect with people, so don’t be afraid to share your story and inspire your customer.

Provide value. The best way to provide value is by giving a customer an experience.

Be consistent. You can’t build up sales or a following without being consistent. When you’re consistent and visible your potential customer they will remember your brand when the product you offer meets their needs or wants.

Empower your audience. Allow your customers to be a part of the brand not just shoppers.

Have an amazing product. Point blank, period.


To indulge in the Lilly’s Kloset experience, visit:


Photo Credit: Obi Grant

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