Korean Singing Series Shows How Hip-Hop Culture Has Spread




Unpretty Rapstar is a popular music competition television show that focuses on female rappers. It’s a spin off of another popular South Korean show entitled Show Me the Money, which is also based on rap competitions. The show brings together 11 contestants all competing to become the next hip-hop superstar in South Korea. Some contestants are well known K-pop idols (Korean pop idols), underground hip-hop artists, and some are up and coming artists. Korean rap is making its way to the forefront in Korean culture with a expansion of new musicians and national acceptance amongst music listeners.

I was recently introduced to Unpretty Rapstar by a friend who introduced me to the spread of Korean cultures to other countries. I can admit that I am a huge K-pop fan and I listen to the music all the time even though none of the songs are in English. I love K-pop music so when I found out Korean hip-hop was becoming big, I wasn’t too sure about it. Before judging it, I decided to sit down and watch the first episode. After watching it, I realized how interesting the show was and I became hooked. What I found most interesting about the show was that all the female emcees had individual uniqueness about them. Another thing that I thought was great was that a lot of the artists were bringing back old school hip-hop.

Unpretty Rapstar has opened my eyes and mind a lot. It’s great to see that something so small started by our predecessors in the Bronx at annual block parties in New York City, ended up spreading around the world and becoming a cultural phenomenon.

If you would like to see the show out for yourself, check the video below of the awesome female emcee cypher.

Photo Credit(s): Koreaboo, OneHallyu

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