LaKenya Morris From ‘Cutting It In The ATL’ Shares Hair Care Tips For All Seasons

LaKenya Morris doing what she does best
Cast of Cutting It In The ATL

Cast of Cutting It In The ATL

LaKenya Morris made her way into our hearts as the humble hair stylist caught in between Beautii J and Dedra on the reality-tv series Cutting It In The ATL on WE Tv. Despite her being known as the “underdog ” on the show, the emerging entrepreneur and owner of Allure Beauty Bar in Georgia has been making her mark in the industry. She has worked on several editorials and commercials.

LaKenya is a licensed master cosmetologist for seven years, and is really passionate about hair care. She has given tons of advice and education on how to take care of your hair properly. Pynk chatted with her about beauty tips, maintenance for our hair as the the season changes, and her favorite products.

LaKenya Morris @sheis_LakenyaMorris   @allurebeautybar

LaKenya Morris @sheis_LakenyaMorris @allurebeautybar

Pynk: As we enter into the colder seasons, the scalp tends to get dry and itchy. What do you recommend doing?

LaKenya Morris:  I would suggest starting from the inside. Increase your water intake! As far as hair care, I like to pretreat the scalp before shampooing by using coconut oil. Olive oil works as well. Focus on products that moisturize. Condition and treat your scalp regularly.

Pynk: What is the cause of hair shedding in the winter?

LaKenya Morris: There are several causes of shedding, specifically in the winter. The dry air contributes and also the items that we wear to keep warm. Be conscious of wool hats and scarves. The friction created when these items rub against your hair causes the hair to become dry and brittle and eventually break. Either buy them already lined or get them lined with satin or for a more budget friendly approach, wear the silk scarf that you use to wrap your hair at night underneath your hat.

Pynk: Do you think clients should use different products in the fall/winter than they use in the summer/spring?

LaKenya Morris: In some cases, you should change the products that you use in the summer/spring to adjust to the temperatures of the fall/winter. Really think about moisturizing and protecting your tresses. I like to cocktail my products, so I usually add to my products to increase the chances of getting my desired results.

Pynk: Should protective styling be done more in the fall/winter?

LaKenya Morris: Protective styling any time of year is a preference. For someone who is natural, they think protective styling in the spring/summer is more efficient to combat humidity. In the fall/winter, someone who is natural that likes for their hair to be pressed won’t have to worry about the humidity as much during that time. The fall/winter is a great time for someone transitioning without the use of wigs, weaves and extensions.

Pynk: What is your pet peeve with hair? As far as care and styling?

LaKenya Morris: My hair care pet peeve is using too much product and using the wrong product for your hair. Using too much product can counteract what you are trying to achieve i.e. edge control. The wrong product won’t give you the results you are looking for period!

My hair styling pet peeve will remain the same forever it seems. Weaves and extensions that DO NOT BLEND! Please seek a hair care professional who specializes in weaves and extensions PLEASE!

Pynk: What is your take on natural hair care? Do you think it’s killing the salons or has it been a boost for it?

LaKenya Morris: I believe there is more than enough room for natural hair care and chemically treated hair in the salon world. It all boils down to the preference of the person. Just as with the $50 weave shop boom, it can affect businesses in negative way, but at the end of the day that’s just not your client. Find your lane and focus on making that work for you.

We know these tips will be helpful. Check her out anytime you’re in Georgia and catch the second season of Cutting It In The ATL coming in 2016.


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Hair by LaKenya Morris

Hair by LaKenya Morris


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