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by @MeekaClaxton

This has been a crazy week for me but I’m learning more about myself & my strength everyday and for that I’m grateful.

I’m so private when it comes to personal stuff and as much as I didn’t want everybody in our business I knew it was only a matter of time before everybody was whispering. And although our marriage was over for months, confirming our split to everybody was extremely difficult for me. Saying it out loud and typing the words made it real for me and if you’ve ever had to deal with this before then you know all too well what I was feeling. Separating is already way too much for anyone to have to deal with emotionally, especially with children. Having to sort through your feelings while at the same time being strong for your kids is hard enough, so I wasn’t really sure if I was prepared to deal with adding the world & their opinions to my plate.

But then I took a deep breath, said a short prayer and clicked send. And to be honest, I wasn’t expecting anything positive but, to my surprise, that’s exactly what I got. There was such a weight lifted off of my shoulders when I finally opened up and let everything out. It was a burden that I’d been carrying for months and with each passing day it had been eating away more and more at my happiness, my joy, and most importantly my peace of mind. I became so guarded that it was hard for me to see the good in people for awhile and I wasn’t receptive to the positivity that I knew was out there. It was like I was mad at the world. It wasn’t until I was honest with myself and you guys that I felt freed. Free from the drama, free from the pain, and free from the lies.

I’m finally able to realize that moving on doesn’t mean letting go of all of the good memories and cutting his face out of pictures (lol). Moving on means letting go of all of the anger and the negativity, so that you can open yourself up to receive the blessings you have coming. So, if there is any advice I can give this week it would be to take back your power. Do this by letting go of the anger, finding some fun things to do and surrounding yourself with a great support system. This was our low but, like the saying goes, there is no where else to go but up from here 😉

Meeka C.

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