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Lil Duval Makes Controversial Comment About Gender Laws And Technology


In a very well written and straight forward post on Instagram, Lil duval posted a picture of Jaden Smith with a very controversial comment on the paradox between gender, race and new technology. Duval took a break from his usual sarcastic and over-the-top humor to make a point of the new world order and what it means for the future of gender divide.

Now, we all know that Jaden and Willow Smith have completely dove into another realm of education. On Instagram, we constantly see them bending traditional social media etiquette in order to express their individuality. Willow constantly speaks on spirituality and her close relationship with space, afro-futurism and physics. While Jaden has turned his social media account into a digital art experience. Although they are unusual, when being compared to the average selfie obsessed young celebrity generation, their socially advanced-ness is a typical expression of their families lifestyle. One that supports artistic and creative freedom.

However, some people feel that Jaden has taken it too far with his strangeness and idgaf social experiments. From attending the Kimye wedding in an all-white batman ensemble to wearing skirts and dresses, the young Smith has been flourishing in his unusual ways and literally feeding off of the media’s trolling. Basically, he doesn’t care. And the fans either absolutely love it or hate it.

522a2659-d5c6-44ea-8eca-08b4dcb08389This morning, Lil Duval took to his personal IG to keep it real for his following, making a bold statement about gender divide or the lack thereof. After posting a recent picture of Jaden, unsurprisingly wearing some sort of skirt, lil duval proceeded to discuss conformity and how technology has created a society that will always learn to love something new, even if it was loathed at first. I.e Black people weren’t necessarily as popular as they are today 400 years ago.

Although Jaden Smith is among the many millennial celebs with similar beliefs, it is undeniable that this sexless trend is becoming much larger than social media. In a recent interview with Teen Vogue, cover girl Amandla Stenberg openly admits to being bisexual, which garnered more positive attention than negative backlash. With information like this shoved down our throats, it’s clear our younger generations are becoming more keen to the two-daddy family and other sexual freedoms.

In 2016, we exist in a social society where a young teen boy can become the face of a women’s clothing campaign, a white woman can be black, and a father of 7 can turn into a woman. And although this strange agenda may rewrite the rules of social normality, it might also be another necessary step towards equality.¬†Perhaps we should aspire to be more sexually accepting.

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