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Lil Mama Addresses Her Infamous Meme In ‘Take Me Back’ Mixtape


2015 BET Awards

Although Lil Mama made quite the comeback with her single “Sausage” earlier this year, she can’t seem to escape the Internet trolls. Years, later and her viral moment when she teared up on The Breakfast Club interview has resurfaced again, now as a meme circulating across several social media platforms.


Even though Internet nay sayers and bullies continue to intentionally poke fun at Lil Mama’s career, she manages to stay positive amidst all the negative tormenting and backlash. This week, Lil Mama dropped her newest mixtape Take Me Back, where she addresses controversy and all the hater’s trying to bring her down. Instead of running away from the issue the raw rapstress channels her inner beast by clapping back at anyone who has disrespected her.

She’s not playing for seconds—it’s clap back season. Listen to her full 6-song project below.


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