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LISTENUP! Angela Rye’s Got Something to Say…



Angela Rye has been known to have a strong opinion and say whatever is on her mind; this new platform gives her even more leverage and tenacity to do so. She plays by her own rules and isn’t afraid of debate. It hasn’t been two weeks yet, and Angela Rye’s new podcast has been buzzing and charting on the ‘Top 10’ Podcasts’ list on Apple. ‘On One with Angela Rye’ kicked off July 12th and premiered its first guests, Queen Maxine Waters. An activist herself, the two chatted about Trump, the CBC, Patriotism, and Tupac. If you haven’t heard, do so and listen to episode 2 while you’re at it. The Political Queen and her ‘sisterfriends,’ as she calls them, discuss how they got their start in the Women’s March movement. The co-chairs, Linda Sarsour, Carmen Perez, and Tamika D. Mallory brought the female empowerment to keep it flowing, as Angela represents so passionately.



Angela believes the sophistiratchet need love too. This podcast is for you. Rye stays ‘Woke’ and this podcast assists in that consciousness. On 1 with A. Rye covers political matters, current events, blackness, unification, and more. Angela possesses power with her bawseness. She exudes nothing less with this new platform; so much so that recently the Political Commentator has been the focus in another controversy surrounding this infamous Trump administration.

It’s no secret like many; Angela refuses to call the 45th her President. You saw the hashtags, ‘not my president’ that swarmed social media since Trump’s upset of a presidency against Hillary Clinton last year. Angela isn’t the first African-American public figure to use the term, and sure won’t be the last. Critics responded after Rye made comments on John Berman’s segment on CNN, Monday, July 17th. It struck some nerve.


It took place during her exchange of words with former Republican Rep. Jack Kingston. He worked alongside on the Trump campaign last year; the discussion was around Donald Trump Jr. and the recent allegations with the Russian government. Angela referred to Trump as “your President.” “There are a lot of things that your president has done to defy logic,” she said to Kingston. “Let’s at least acknowledge that.” Then she was “corrected” by Kingston who said, “Your president too, Angela. Your president, too!” Berman took the end route by calling Trump “The President of the United States.”


Rye was and still is being ridiculed for her opinion and strong feelings, refusing to call Trump her President. He ain’t, but you should listen to ‘On 1 with A. Rye.’ It’s genius.  She says what so many want to say and she is famous for that.  As much hate she receives, she receives more love. Angela Rye for President.

Photo Credit(s): Angela Rye’s IG

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