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#PYNKInspiration: Live On Purpose


Ephesians 5:17  ” Therefore do not be foolish but understand what the Lords will is.”

Many people have busy lives and can be easily distracted by any and everything. We start things and never finish, quickly moving to start something new,  but in all our busyness are we living purpose filled lives? If you have a desire to live a meaningful life; according to God’s plan for you. Then ask yourself these three questions…

1. What holds my attention? Pay attention to what your reading and listening to. It captures your attention for a reason and your gift or talent can be found in that genre of interest.

2. What bothers me? You may be the person that has the solution. If God allowed you to see it, chances are you have what it takes to change it.

3. What would I do if no one paid me to do it? This could be a place where you’ll be most effective and make a huge impact.

I once heard someone say “If you find your passion then you’ve found your purpose.”

Your passion is usually found in something you love to do even if you don’t get paid to it. I truly believe there is a company that needs your talent, an empty building waiting on your business, and something is in shambles waiting for your idea. God’s plan for your life does not have to be a mystery, pray and believe that God will lead you exactly where he wants you. Seek the will of the Lord and live on purpose. #PYNKinspiration


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